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We believe in solving problems of significance rather than problems of convenience — how Deep Tech solutions can be harnessed for the betterment of human lives.

To do so, we invest not just money — but time, effort, and much more — to help our portfolio companies knock down technical, adoption, market, and legislation barriers, and build their companies that develop solutions to globally relevant challenges such as pre-stroke detection, financial inclusion, and sustainability.

To date, we have invested over S$50 million in more than 80 portfolio companies — in AI, MedTech, Quantum Computing and more — who have gone on to raise over S$700m from the market.

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SGInnovate gave us a platform for exposure, to broadcast the message of Taiger, to give us visibility into the community. They are incredible in many ways, we are very thankful for all of that.
Dr Sinuhe Arroyo

Founder & CEO, Taiger

SGInnovate defines its key performance indicators around helping us succeed in the first place, and that places them at a very different level from a venture capital firm or an accelerator.
Dr Hossein Nejati

Co-founder & CTO, KroniKare


High-Performance Computing / Quantum Tech

Autonomous Mobility

Industry 4.0

EnviroTech / CleanTech



AI - B2B