Digital identity solutions for global development and financial inclusion

StageSeries A

AID:Tech provides enterprise-level Blockchain and digital identity solutions to international NGOs, governments, and corporates to address some of the largest obstacles in global development, including legal identity, financial inclusion and corruption. AID:Tech’s solution provides end-users with a verifiable digital identity and offers partners a seamless experience in identifying end-users in the process of entitlement delivery. This solution has been successfully implemented in Lebanon to ensure Syrian war refugees receive aid while preserving their dignity and humanity.

Joseph Thompson

Joseph Thompson, CEO & Co-founder Prior to founding AID:Tech, Joseph held several senior positions at Bearing Point, Ericsson, The Litmus Group and AIB.

Niall Dennehy

Niall Dennehy, COO & Co-founder Prior to founding AID:Tech, Niall held multiple business analytics positions, while leading the design and development of numerous award-winning apps and platforms. Niall also co-founded Imprez and PresX.