Explore the ecosystem

At SGInnovate, we passionately believe Singapore has the resources and capabilities to tackle hard problems that matter to people around the world. We will help ambitious and capable people build technology-based products borne in many cases out of science research. Our commitment is to use the full power of the Singapore ecosystem to achieve the mission of building for the world from Singapore.

Investment Capital

$1b+ of private-market funds and $1b+ of public-sector funds, focused on starting and scaling innovative technology-based companies located in Singapore.

Corporate Backing

Over 7000 regional and global corporations who represent go-to-market help, joint product development, investment funding and possible exits.


$19b committed to research spend through 2020, in areas such as advanced manufacturing, health and biomed sciences, urban solutions and sustainability. Singapore was ranked 1st worldwide for innovation input in the Global Innovation Index 2016.


Strong and stable government, committed to encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship through a combination of financial tools and regulatory frameworks.


With an education system among the most highly-respected in the world, Singapore is home to exceptional universities and technical institutes. Two of the top 15 globally ranked universities are in Singapore.