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I have a Master’s in Computer Science, but I am not a deep tech researcher. Through attending SGInnovate’s events, I was able to understand deep tech in depth through the various sharing sessions and networking.- Lee Suhwe, Principal Consultant, Augmented Plus

SGInnovate fosters engagements between vital elements in the deep technology ecosystem. This collectively helps tomorrow’s changemakers to pursue tangible collaboration today, through SGInnovate.- Richard Koh, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Singapore



Are you curating events & hosting discussions around artificial intelligence, robotics, medtech, blockchain and other deep tech topics? Talk to us to find out how we may co-host events.

  • Executive Roundtable: AI for Enterprise

    AI is everywhere right now – in our news feeds, our devices, our homes. The hype is spreading quickly to permeate every industry, and the executives of the world want to know, “Beyond the hype, what can AI actually do for my business?”

    Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics

  • Investors Night: AI in FinTech

    SGInnovate’s Investors Night series brings together the venture capital community for thoughtful discussion, knowledge sharing, and networking. 

    Topics: Investments

  • Morning Pitch Singapore: Healthcare

    Morning Pitch is a pitching platform hosted by Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support. This platform helps startups form business alliances and partnerships with large corporations, corporate venture capital and venture capital firms. The focus for this Morning Pitch on 25 January 2019 is on Healthcare.

    Topics: Startups

  • AngelCentral Pitch Day

    AngelCentral’s monthly by-invite pitch day showcases a curated pool of startups pitching to raise funds. During the session, you will also find out more about what AngelCentral does to build an active community of effective and competent angel investors in Southeast Asia. 

    Topics: Investments

  • AngelCentral Master Class: Angel Investing Workshop

    This workshop aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to become a competent Angel Investor. We will provide you with a brief of the ecosystem and cover topics on portfolio construction, deal flow, evaluation methods and the investment process. The trainers are full-time angels with over $5 million invested in the startup space.

    Topics: Investments

  • Rising Stars in HealthTech: Wellness and Fitness

    SGInnovate, General Assembly and Galen Growth Asia are teaming up for a series of events with some of the most inspiring healthtech founders and leaders in Southeast Asia. In a candid discussion, they will share their stories and insights, as follows. 

    Topics: MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech

  • Future of Blockchain-based Data Marketplaces: Challenges and Impact

    Join us as we have Michelle Yeo of DATAVLT and Daphne Ng of JEDTRADE share their insights and experiences in the blockchain-based data marketplaces!

    Topics: Blockchain

  • Digital Customer Journey Mapping

    An exclusive event that offers a glimpse inside the creative minds of local Digital Customer Journey experts.

    Topics: Data Science / Data Analytics

  • Space Tech for Mobility

    In conjunction with the France-Singapore Year of Innovation

    Topics: SpaceTech, Startups

  • Deep Tech Collaborations: Startups & Corporates

    This evening is about opportunities and challenges of collaborations between deep tech startups and corporates, and how to foster it. You will hear from corporate leaders as well as deep tech startups about their experiences and views on this.

    Topics: Startups

  • Angel Investing: Why, What and How?

    Let's explore the MARS and VENUS of Angel Investing. Are there differences in lenses between men and women when investing? SGInnovate partners with she1K and AngelCentral to bring you not one but two panels. Our aim is to get more females to up the game of angel investing and to share insights as to how corporate men and women could brace their career with angel investing, to stay at the forefront of innovation and potentially multiply their personal wealth in magnitudes not possible before. 

    Topics: Investments, Startups

  • Rising Stars in HealthTech: Data and Artificial Intelligence

    SGInnovate, General Assembly and Galen Growth Asia are teaming up for a series of events with some of the most inspiring Southeast Asian healthtech founders and leaders. In a candid discussion, they will share their stories and insights on:

    Topics: MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech

  • Quantum Computing: Hardware Implementations, Challenges and Opportunities

    This talk will focus on the hardware implementations of quantum computing, focusing specifically on superconducting circuit-based technologies. I will first provide an overview of the current hardware landscape and highlight some of the key challenges we must tackle in order realise robust universal quantum computing. We will also discuss the appeals of a modular approach to scaling up quantum systems for greater computational power and complexity. Finally, we will look into some of the recent experimental progress in implementing quantum error correction, logical operations, and quantum algorithms using superconducting microwave circuits

    Topics: Others

  • Real Successes and Applications of Digital Health

    With levels of investments that have never been seen (billions of dollars and counting), Digital Health is now moving faster than ever and every player in the industry needs to include it in their corporate strategies – from pharma companies to insurers, even brick and mortar hospital chains. However, the maturity level of corporates vary greatly which dramatically impacts the success of the digitization process in these organisations. During this fireside chat, industry veterans François Cadiou and Julien de Salaberry will share about the latest successes observed in Digital Health and how the stakeholders involved, from the corporates to the startups, manage to make it a success.

    Topics: MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech

  • Blockchain Developer Programme: DApps & Solidity

    Together with Kingsland University – School of Blockchain, SGInnovate is proud to launch Singapore’s first certified blockchain developer programme. Designed to accommodate working professionals, the hybrid immersion blockchain programme will employ a blend of face-to-face intensive technical training and online supported instructions. 

    Topics: Blockchain