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Transforming chronic wound care through automatic, non-invasive assessments in seconds


KroniKare provides automatic, non-invasive chronic wound assessments within seconds, using a normal smartphone. Chronic wounds require frequent and accurate assessments to prevent complications such as infection, amputation, and death. The assessment is currently completely manual, time-consuming, expensive, as well as error prone. KroniKare uses cutting-edge Machine Learning, Image Processing, and multi-modal Data Analysis, to understand what is happening to the wound underneath the skin.

• Bronze in the Most Promising Category at the SGTech SG:D TechBlazer Awards 2019
• Winner, fifth edition of the EIT Health Validation Lab in 2019

SGInnovate defines its key performance indicators around helping us succeed in the first place, and that places them at a very different level from a venture capital firm or an accelerator. - Dr Hossein Nejati, Co-founder & CTO, KroniKare

Ali Aladdin

Ali Aladdin, CEO
Experienced entrepreneur, having founded and exited two companies. His early career was spent managing Enterprise Sales for startups and MNCs.

Dr. Hossein Nejati

Dr. Hossein Nejati, CTO
10 years’ experience in Machine Learning, Image Processing and Data Analytics with a PhD in Computer Science from the National University of Singapore (NUS).