Tricog uses AI to offer rapid ECG diagnosis at clinics & hospitals across the globe

StageSeries B

Tricog enables doctors to monitor the cardiac health of patients in rural areas, allowing cardiologists to focus their attention on those who are in critical need of intervention. Tricog’s communicator device attaches itself to most FDA-approved ECG machines used in hospitals. ECGs are uploaded to the cloud through this device where Tricog’s AI engine analyses and annotates the ECGs, have the outcome verified by a team of trained cardiologists working on shifts at Tricog before sending the analysis to the attendant physician at the hospital or clinic where the ECG was uploaded.

Dr Charit Bhograj

Dr Charit Bhograj, CEO & Co-founder Dr Bhograj is an Interventional Cardiologist at Vikram Hospital and the Chief of Cardiology at Baptist Hospital.

Dr Zainul Charbiwala

Dr Zainul Charbiwala, CTO & Co-founder He holds a PhD in Circuits and Embedded Systems from UCLA, and MTech from IIT Bombay. He has more than 15 years of experience in building embedded systems and software development. Prior to that, he was a Research Manager in the Smarter Planet Solutions group at IBM Research, India.