NEU Battery Materials

Novel electrochemical lithium-ion battery recycling technology


NEU Battery Materials is a Singapore-based startup pioneering an electrochemical redox targeting technology for scalable and sustainable recycling of battery materials. Their patented process requires electricity as its only consumable, and utilises regenerative chemicals to avoid toxic waste and harsh acids. This technique produces battery-grade lithium which can be supplied back to battery manufacturers, and is the world’s first redox targeting recycling method capable of processing lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries.

Bryan Oh

Bryan Oh, CEO & Co-Founder Bryan was a management consultant who then decided to pursue his dreams of entrepreneurship. He then started his first company and built the next company to bootstrap his dreams. Bryan passion for sustainability grew when he started his agriculture startup in rooftop farming. In the pursuit for sustainability, Bryan decided to focus on battery recycling to create a better future for the world.

Kenneth Palmer

Kenneth Palmer, CTO & Co-Founder Before he co-founded NEU Battery Materials, Kenneth ventured into rooftop farming in an agriculture start-up where he began his entrepreneurship career. He is a Mechanical Engineer by training from the National University of Singapore. Kenneth continues to hone his breadth of skills towards his ambition for sustainable battery recycling.