AI platform for general decision making

StageSeries B

Secondmind exists to help automotive engineers design better cars faster, and achieve greater sustainability through machine learning. From reducing design simulation time and calibration overhead, to continuously improving energy efficiency and performance throughout the vehicle lifecycle, Secondmind cloud-native optimisation solutions give engineers the tools and confidence to re-imagine the design, development and experience of driving, and accelerate the transition to carbon-neutral mobility.

Secondmind is also the recent winner of the Autotech AI Breakthrough of the Year Award 2023.

Gary Brotman

Gary Brotman, CEO Gary is a passionate technology maven and leads our team as Chief Executive Officer and Director. He brings 20+ years of leadership experience building, commercialising, and evangelising of product and service lines for leading Fortune 500 companies and startups with machine learning, mobile, and technology at their core.

Peter Bullivant

Peter Bullivant, Chief Financial & Operating Officer Peter is a Chartered Accountant who has specialised for more than 20 years in leading the finance operations in technology companies including SaaS for Fintech, EHS and for connected cars. He has helped companies go through transformational development as they scale up to the next level and enter new geographical markets both organically or through acquisitions.

Professor Carl Edward Rasmussen

Professor Carl Edward Rasmussen, Chief Science Officer Carl is a Professor of machine learning at Cambridge University. He believes that probability theory is the foundation of information, modelling, inference, learning and rational decision-making.