Quantum Key Distribution for secure communication


SpeQtral is a Singapore-headquartered startup spinning out from the Center for Quantum Technologies (CQT), developing a satellite-based Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) system for secure communication and Cybersecurity. SpeQtral's proprietary Quantum light source produces entangled photons which can then be used to distribute encryption keys securely. The entangled nature of the photons used makes it possible to identify and discard any keys which may have been intercepted. They are one of the first and few companies to have demonstrated a Quantum light source in space, and they now have the opportunity to translate this into a first mover advantage with superior technology.

Chune Yang Lum

Chune Yang Lum, CEO & Co-founder Chune Yang has 10 years of Quantum, Business Development, and Space experience with SES and the Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT). He holds Master's in Business Administration from INSEAD and a Master's in Physics from Penn State University.

Dr Robert Bedington

Dr Robert Bedington, CTO & Co-founder Robert has 10 years of space instrument development experience and was previously a Senior Research Fellow and Satellite Team Lead at the Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT). He holds a PhD in Instrument Science (MEMS Plasma Analysers) from University College London (UCL) and a Master's in Physics from the Durham University.