Eureka AI

Turning mobile data into actionable intelligence

StageSeries B

Eureka AI has built an analytics and Artificial Intelligence platform that develops customer insights for a range of industries not limited to banking and insurance, logistics and transportation, and consumer discretionary. Eureka leverages real-time mobile operator data and client data to provide insights for customer acquisition, market intelligence, and financial risk assessment.


Benjamin Soemartopo

Benjamin Soemartopo, CEO & Founder He was previously the Managing Partner of McKinsey (Indonesia), and former Managing Director and Global Investment Committee Member of Standard Chartered Private Equity.

Tarek Najm

Tarek Najm, CTO Former Technical Fellow at Microsoft, and holds 32 patents in data mining, semantic search and advertising algorithms.

Dr Ying Li

Dr Ying Li, Chief Scientist Former Partner Data Scientist at Microsoft, and former Chief Technology Officer of DataSpark, and holds 72 patents in data mining, Machine Learning and software optimisation.