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The enhanced Summation Programme will offer our students greater internship and attachment opportunities in the deep tech sector, showing them how exciting it is and what future jobs will look like. By building up the students’ skills and passion for deep tech, we can expand the pool of specialised talent in this sector, and encourage more startup companies to scale and grow.- Professor Kam Chan Hin, Deputy Provost (Education), NTU

SGInnovate has provided me the opportunity to connect with institutions in Singapore that are experts in Artificial Intelligence & Computer Vision, and learn how I might apply my expertise to create impact in real world situations.- Gabriel Wong, SUTD student and Summation Programme Round 1 apprentice



In mathematics, summation (Σ) is the addition of a sequence of numbers, the result being their sum or total. Σ is SGInnovate’s apprenticeship opportunity developed with the summation theory in mind -

to transform students’ experience, knowledge and skills gained over the years, culminating into a “total”; an application of what was learnt before entering the workplace.

Over 3-6 months, a curated pool of students in multiple disciplines from local and overseas Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) will be placed within a selected number of Singapore's promising deep tech organisations.

∑ is more than just an internship. Students will partner experienced software and engineering professionals to embark on innovative and exciting projects focusing on deep tech such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and blockchain with the aim of helping organisations solve real world issues.

∑ will enable students to gain invaluable feedback and mentorship during this apprenticeship journey, while providing them an opportunity to hone and test their skills – to be better at their game.

This is also a fantastic opportunity for startups and organisations to work with the best students equipped with strong deep tech skills. The organisations’ ability to attract top talent lies in their ability to offer apprentices an enriching learning experience through meaningful mentorship and impactful projects.

Key Features & Value Proposition

For Apprentices

Attractive Stipend

Attractive Award

Receive a monthly award of up to SGD$4,000 from SGInnovate in addition to a minimum monthly stipend of SGD$1,000. Overseas students are also eligible for reimbursement of lodging and travel expenses.

Projects with Mentorship Opportunities

Cutting-Edge Projects

Work on exciting deep tech projects utilising technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and blockchain across various industries.

Dynamic and Fun

Rewarding Learning Experience with Mentorship

A great opportunity to hone and test your skills, under the guidance of a highly skilled technical mentor.

If you are a student seeking
apprenticeship in deep tech fields


For Organisations

Attractive Stipend

Brand Outreach

Build your organisation's brand name while gaining access to top talent from reputable IHLs globally.

Projects with Mentorship Opportunities

Fresh Perspectives

Bring in fresh perspectives and energetic students to test out new ideas or roles in your organisation.

Dynamic and Fun


Attract top talent with an award of up to SGD$4,000/month from SGInnovate, in addition to the stipend provided by your organisation.

Organisation applications for Run 3 has closed!


Please see FAQs for more details and eligibility criteria.

Programme Requirements

Profile of Eligible Students

Eligible Students

  • You should be an undergraduate, Master’s or PhD student or fresh graduate with Institutes of Higher Learning.
  • You should be able to showcase relevant skills and knowledge for the project that you applied for, for example:

    - Academic courses in IHLs - Online courses (e.g. Coursera, Udemy) - Projects (e.g. Github, Stackoverflow) - Working experience (e.g. internships, part-time, freelance) - Awards and competitions (e.g Hackathons, Datathons)
  • You will go through a series of assessments to determine if you are a suitable candidate.
Strong technical knowledge and quality of projects

Eligible Organisations

  • Deep tech projects: Your organisation should have deep tech projects that students can work on with a clear role during the apprenticeship.
  • Skilled and dedicated mentor: To ensure that engagement is fruitful between all parties involved, projects should have a clear mentoring approach, timelines and check-ins. Mentors must have at least 5 years of technical experience and 2 years of mentoring experience, and must be able to commit for the whole duration of the Summation Programme.
  • Co-funding: Organisations must provide a minimum monthly stipend of $1000 per month, and co-fund the living allowance and round-trip travel expenses for overseas students.

Summation Programme Process


Project Submission (8th Oct to 2nd Nov 2018)

Online registration opens for organisations to submit project proposals.


Project Review(5th Nov to 6th Nov 2018)

All projects will be reviewed and SGInnovate will notify selected organisations.


Application(8th Oct to 4th Jan 2019)

Online registration opens for students to apply for the programme and select projects.


Shortlisting and Technical
Assessment of Apprentices(7th Jan to 11th Jan 2019)

Shortlisted students will be informed to proceed with their technical assessments and interviews (Interviews will be held from 23rd Jan to 1st Feb 2019).


Results of Offer(18th Feb to 22nd Feb 2019)

Placements are awarded and apprentices are notified.


Start of Summation
Programme(May / Jun 2019)

Commencement of apprenticeship for 3 - 6 months.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Summation Programme


Current Projects

Please fill in your details below to find out more about the organisations and their projects. You would need to disable your pop-up blocker, if any, in order to download the PDF.