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The Infinity (∞) Series is a Deep Tech Immersion programme and one-stop access for talent to become multi-faceted product leaders of tomorrow.

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Deep tech projects


Introducing the enhanced Infinity Series

  • Multiple Internships

    Return to Infinity Series up to 3 times to build all-rounded technical capabilities by taking up different projects.

  • Competitive Monthly Stipends

    Receive monthly reward from $2,000.

  • More Exposures

    Exposure to different startups / products / technical areas (4 areas of talent exposure).

Become Versatile Deep Tech Product Leaders of Tomorrow

The Infinity Series is a Deep Tech immersion programme that offers talent opportunities to explore technical roles with startups at varying product development stages.

Under this enhanced programme, Talent can expect to grow holistically across 4 key exposures as part of the product development life cycle. Refer to the exposures below.

4 Areas of Talent Exposure

Deep Tech Product Development

Attain product design skills and more by being a part of various product and startup stages.

  • Design Thinking Practice
  • Product Design
  • Product Development Lifecycle
and more...
Technical Skills

Acquire skills to manage the technical aspects of product development, and collaborate with technical and design teams in various areas.

  • Agile Software Development
  • User Experience Design
  • Data Analytics
and more...
Business Exposure

Develop business acumen and learn about strategy, business development and customer relationships.

  • Cross-cultural Networking
  • Business Needs Analysis
  • User / Client Exposure
and more...
Soft Skills

Hone a myriad of interpersonal skills to navigate efficiently and work with stakeholders.

  • Communication
  • Transdisciplinary Thinking
  • Stakeholder Management
and more...

Example 1


Jane is a first-year undergraduate who dreams of establishing a BioTech startup to address the issue of healthcare accessibility. She understands that the Infinity Series conducts two runs every year, and has planned out her internship pathway to experience the various stages of product development at different startups.


  • 1st Year undergraduate
  • Interest: Product Design
  • Motivation: Looking to obtain first-hand experience in developing a new product in the BioTech and MedTech fields.

Internship 1

Front-end development of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of web application for a BioTech, late-stage startup.

Summer 2022

New skills

Product Design; Prototyping Application Support and Enhancement User/Client Exposure Stakeholder Management

Internship 2

UI/UX design for newly launched Telemedicine healthcare application for MedTech, early-stage startup.

Winter 2022

New skills

Design Thinking Practice Research and Usability Analysis Business Needs Analysis Communication

Internship 3

Product management of medical health robot in international markets for AI, late-stage startup.

Winter 2023

New skills

Product Development Lifecycle Agile Software Development Pricing Strategizing Strategic Thinking; Collaboration

Example 2


Ben is a third-year student who completed his first Infinity Series internship in 2021. He is now 1 year away from graduating but still unsure which data related roles to pursue full time upon graduation. Hence he takes up Infinity Series again, this time in data engineering.


  • 3rd Year undergraduate; has completed his first Infinity Series internship
  • Interest: Data
  • Motivation: Looking to apply for data-related jobs upon graduation.

Internship 1


Enhanced the data analytics pipeline and integrate data of a mobile app for a FinTech, mid stage startup.

Winter 2021

Skills learnt

Project Management Data Design; Data Visualisation User / Client Exposure Computational Thinking

Internship 2

(Ben's final internship before graduation)

To engineer the database and ensure quality data governance for a Quantum, late-stage startup.

Summer 2023

New skills

Feature Design Database Configuration Business Needs Analysis Transdisciplinary Thinking

Numerous Projects to Choose from

Click here for the full list of Deep Tech projects offered.

Why should you join?

Competitive Monthly Stipends

Receive monthly reward from $2,000.

Multi-fold Deep Tech Exposure

Gain real-world experience from Deep Tech startups in varying product stages and across the 4 areas of talent exposure.

Stackable Internships

Become a multi-disciplinary product leader.

Learn & Grow

Hone your existing skill sets through structured on-the-job training, workshops and mentorship.

Make An Impact

Contribute as an integral member of a high-potential startup.

Networking Opportunities

Be part of a bigger community of like-minded Deep Tech experts and enthusiasts. Receive exclusive invites to our Deep Tech events.


Who should join?

  • Profile

    You should be a diploma student or undergraduate based in Singapore and available to commit full-time to a 3 - 6 months internship.

    *The Infinity Series is open to full-time students only.

  • Skills

    Programming skills are required for selected projects, basic product knowledge will be a plus.

  • Experience

    Prior tech internship experience is not mandatory. Relevant competitions and projects will be a plus.

Talent application for the Infinity Series summer run is open now.
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