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Summation is one of SGInnovate’s talent programme that aims to match top global Talent to exciting Deep Tech projects pioneering cutting edge technologies in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Biotechnology, Quantum Computing, Robotics, and more. 

Through this programme, Talent get unique opportunities to work on exclusive projects building in-demand specialised Deep Tech competencies. The immersive nature of involving talent in key technical roles in projects is invaluable. It provides the talent with the opportunity to develop and impact leading technologies first-hand and contribute to building an exciting Deep Tech scene in Singapore.  

Please refer to the timeline on our website under Summation. No submissions will be accepted after the stipulated deadlines.  

Summation offers projects in Deep Tech areas, such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, IoT, Robotics, Quantum, Biotechnology and more. The Talent will take on technical roles within these project areas.

No, projects may differ in scope and duration. Please refer to the full list of Deep Tech projects and roles available on our website for more information.

The programme duration ranges from 3 – 6 months with a minimum commitment of three (3) months full-time equivalent. Actual duration of programme may vary based on role requirements and Talent’s availability.  

In unique circumstances such as foreign students on student visa, a combination of full-time and part-time arrangement equivalent to three (3) months full time stint may be considered (subjected to SGInnovate’s approval). 

Any arrangement after the stipulated duration (6 months) is out of the programme scope. You are free to liaise directly with the organisation. Any arrangement or agreement made would be between both parties only, and not associated with SGInnovate. 

The system only allows an applicant to edit his/her submission during the draft stage. Once the application form is successfully submitted, edits are no longer allowed.  

Applicants can choose to re-submit another application form. However, only the last application submitted before the deadline will be considered. 

Start dates are flexible and should be agreed upon between the organisation and the Talent prior to signing the agreement. 

Applicants will need to check with their schools on such arrangement. SGInnovate will not be responsible for liaising with the IHLs regarding such arrangements.   

Applications will be evaluated against the respective criteria of the projects they have identified in their preference selections. 

Programming related projects will typically require proficiency in at least one programming language. Apart from technical skills, relevant knowledge and/or experience related to the project will also be taken into consideration. Please refer to this link to see the specific eligibility criteria for the respective projects. 

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