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  • Quantum-Safe Cybersecurity from Hype to Reality-Steps to Quantum Threat Resilience for Business and Society

    Practical quantum computing is expected to break the security of nearly all important public-key cryptographic primitives used in today’s digital communication. That critical moment is still some years ahead, but rapid technological developments highlight the urgent need to address quantum readiness and the shift to quantum-safe cybersecurity. But what is really needed? How can we prepare and protect against quantum risks? What are the challenges on the way to the transition? What approaches and technologies are currently available, and where do current solutions and quick-fix promises fall short? The event will do a deep dive with experts in the field on the issues and the critical steps we need to take.
    Aimed at business leaders, cyber security experts, and policy-makers, this event brings together international and local speakers to discuss managing the risks and ensure a sustainable and resilient transition to quantum-safeness for business and society. We will discuss the challenges and opportunities for the cybersecurity sector and how international collaboration can foster a quantum-safe technology supply chain today.

    Topics: Quantum Technologies

    Industry: ICT

  • What Cybersecurity Needs To Get Quantum-Safe

    What cybersecurity needs to get quantum-safe:
    Our approach to cybersecurity needs an upgrade to be ready for the future era of quantum computers. It’s known that some of today’s widely used cryptographic systems – such as RSA – are crackable when large-scale quantum computers become available. That has motivated a worldwide search for new algorithms expected to be resistant to quantum computing. While it’s not clear whether quantum computing may take 5, 10, 20 or even more years to pose a threat, quantum-safe encryption can already be layered onto existing schemes to offer longer-term protection.
    Earlier this year, the US National Institute of Standards and Technology announced a shortlist of promising ‘post-quantum’ algorithms for public-key encryption, key-establishment and digital signatures. These candidates were selected after a six-year process that started with an open call.
    In this session, hear from experts from Singapore and Switzerland about the algorithms shortlisted to be adopted as quantum-safe standards and how they may be deployed – from trials getting underway in Singapore to experimental implementations on satellites. The discussion will also explore the role small states can play in the quantum science and technology ecosystem.

    Topics: Quantum Technologies, Others

    Industry: ICT

  • TechTalk: Quantum Computing – Prospects & Challenges

    Quantum computing allows data to be recorded and stored through non-binary qubits of information rather than binary bits, showcasing the multiplicity of states in the quantum world. 

    Topics: Computer Science, Quantum Technologies, Startup and Corporate Open Innovation

    Industry: Advanced Manufacturing

  • An Introduction to the Quantum Computing Ecosystem

    The intrinsic complexity of quantum computing adds an aura of mystery to the industry. As a reaction, it is customary to oversimplify quantum companies into the two overarching categories of 'software' and 'hardware' while assuming that all quantum practitioners are physicists.

    Topics: Quantum Technologies

    Industry: Others

  • Mapping the Quantum Island

    Tour the hotspots of R&D in quantum technologies in Singapore with expert guides from some of the research organisations doing the work. This session will introduce highlights of local research in quantum computing, quantum communication and quantum sensing and review mechanisms for companies to get a headstart with these technologies - from bringing problems to researchers to solve to trialling devices.

    Topics: AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning, Quantum Technologies

  • Firing Up the Quantum Future

    Quantum Technologies, harnessing quantum physics as a resource, promise to be as transformational in the 21st century as harnessing electricity was in the 19th century.

    Topics: Quantum Technologies

  • Banking on Quantum: The Value of Quantum Computing in Finance [Online Event]

    Quantum computers can solve problems, analyse data and spot patterns much more quickly and robustly than what is possible today. Especially in the finance world, time equals money, which is one of the main reasons why more practitioners within the industry are looking to quantum computing. A hotly anticipated technology, quantum computing is set to lower costs and drastically optimise processes, to transform the finance industry.

    Topics: Quantum Technologies

  • Deep Tech For a Resilient and Sustainable Economy

    Corporations have the resources to fund research-based innovations while startups have the speed to invent these innovations. Whether it is using quantum technology for secure communications or exploring hydrogen as an alternative source of energy, by capitalising on innovation and corporate-startup collaborations we can help improve the lives of all and work towards a resilient and sustainable economy.

    Topics: Quantum Technologies, Startup and Corporate Open Innovation, Others

  • More Innovations in Quantum Information Technologies

    The worldwide effort for the development of Quantum Technology has accelerated. However, there are still many challenges to developing Quantum Information Technology for implementation in a real-world environment and as a solution to real problems.  

    Topics: Quantum Technologies

  • Innovations in Quantum Information Technologies

    The worldwide effort for the development of Quantum Technology has accelerated. However, there are still many challenges to developing Quantum Information Technology for implementation in a real-world environment and as a solution to real problems.  

    Topics: Quantum Technologies

  • From Lab to Market: Journey of an Entrepreneurial Scientist [Online Event]

    The Entrepreneurial Scientist brings research out of the lab to start a business. The challenges come hard and fast – market and early adopter identification; user needs specification; product development; pilots or trials; go-to-market preparations; funding; critical hiring at the initial phase, etc.

    Topics: Investments, MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech, Quantum Technologies, Startup and Corporate Open Innovation

  • Towards a Quantum Internet [Online Event]

    Today's internet connects users around the world instantaneously. Would a quantum internet be able to do the same while bringing new advantages in security and computing? In this webinar, discover the state-of-the-art in quantum communication technology and the goals ahead.

    Topics: Quantum Technologies