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SGInnovate focuses on important areas in Deep Tech that will help accelerate progress for humanity. They have created a terrific platform to bring focus to this space.
Arvind Mathur

Chief Information & Digital Officer, Prudential Assurance Company Singapore

SGInnovate fosters engagements between vital elements in the Deep Technology ecosystem. This collectively helps tomorrow’s changemakers to pursue tangible collaboration today, through SGInnovate.
Richard Koh

Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Singapore

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  • Advisory on Coronavirus Disease 2019

    Following the Singapore Government’s announcement on 7 Feb raising the DORSCON level of COVID-19 to Orange, and in consultation with our partners, SGInnovate has been suspending our physical events and large workshops until further notice. In the meantime, we are introducing online events and virtual initiatives to continue sustaining ecosystem engagements and discussions on Deep Tech.

    We are confident that all will be well, and will keep you posted as soon as it is deemed safe to resume hosting our physical events and workshops.

  • An Introduction to Quantum Computing and Potential Use Cases

    This webinar intends to provide attendees with an understanding on how quantum computing is expected to help redefine industries and where businesses can benefit from possible applications in the next few years. We will cover what quantum computing is, explain the current status of research and roadmap, their potential use cases, and how to get researchers, educators, businesses and developers alike quantum ready.

    Topics: Quantum Technologies

  • Singapore’s Smart Nation Journey: How AI is Revolutionising the Educational Landscape

    As Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes an increasing part of our daily lives, educational institutions from elementary to higher education as well as adult and professional learning are being transformed by intelligent systems that are helping humans learn better and achieve their learning objectives. In the not too distant future, it is expected that AI will be a core part of all educational experiences, where it can benefit and be applied across a wide range of educational needs. As Singapore embarks on its journey towards becoming an AI Smart Nation, how can we use AI in education to connect our citizens to the opportunities of a future innovation economy?

    Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics

  • Future of Healthcare - Bridging the Care Gap

    Technology is disrupting healthcare just as it has in so many other areas of life. New players and new approaches are proliferating but while the changes may seem dazzlingly diverse there is a single, underlying driving force. Digital transformation in healthcare has many elements: health data privacy, ethical AI, IOT solutions, many brought to the market by new disruptors. These are all valuable elements of transformation, but ultimately they are steering to a single goal; empathetic care of the empowered patient. 

    Topics: MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech

  • Explainable AI (XAI) - The Practitioners View [Online Event]

    The topic of Explainable AI is increasing in importance as practitioners seek to take the latest AI research out of the lab and into the real world, where it can directly impact people, businesses and society. However, there are significant challenges to consider when moving from solving pure mathematics problems to designing systems and abiding by principles that work for the masses.

    Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics

  • Role of the Human Element in Cybersecurity [Online Event]

    Roughly 90% of data breaches are caused by employees - the weakest link when it comes to computer security. As such, cybersecurity is one of the top concerns in the workplace. Despite its high priority, many organisations struggle to emphasise the importance of cybersecurity to its workforce.

    Topics: Others

  • Startup Stories: Making an Impact in Advanced Manufacturing [Online Event]

    Advanced Manufacturing - the use of innovative technology to improve products or processes - has created significant value and impact in the manufacturing industry today. Bold and ambitious startups form a key role in the ecosystem as they are at the forefront of innovation, offering novel product and process technologies.

    Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics, Others, Startups

  • Breaking Down Artificial Intelligence at the Edge [Online Event]

    A significant change is happening within the computing industry, and it is driven by the massive volume of data generated by billions of connected devices in the enterprise, as well as the recent advancements in AI algorithms processing all this data.

    Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics

  • Let’s Play Quantum Computer Games! [Online Event]

    You must have heard a lot of news about quantum computers lately. But do you know that today you can not only run programmes on actual quantum computers (e.g. via IBM Quantum Experience), but also play games on them? This webinar talk will introduce to you the wonderland of quantum computer games. 

    Topics: Quantum Technologies