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Deep Tech Projects

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  • ARC2: Blockchain Solution for Industry 4.0 Integrated Shop Floor & Supply Chain

  • ATO1: Miniaturised Cold atom Trap for Interferometry

  • CUR1: Develop Industrial 4.0 Systems for IoT Sensors

  • CUR2: Development of Advanced Calibration Systems for Autonomous Vehicles

  • ENT1: Applied Mathematics with Quantum Computing

  • ENT2: Numerics, Optimisation and Machine Learning Methods

  • FIN1: Innovative Credit Risk Modelling with AI

  • HAS1: Carbon Credit Smart Contracts on Blockchain

  • KRO1: Aerogel Nanomaterial Formulation (Material Scientist)

  • KRO2: Design and Development of Pilot Process Plant for Upscale Production

  • MED1: Deep Learning on Retinal Images

  • MIC1: Design Micro Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for IoT Devices

  • NOV1: Building Intelligent Automation for Asset Management

  • POL1: Automation of Plant Measurements Using Micro Drones

  • SIX1: Deep Learning for Detection of Manufacturing Defects

  • SOM1: Social Multimedia AI for Marketing

  • SPE1: Quantum Communications Technologies R&D

  • EKO1: Deep Learning on Echocardiograms