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Deep Tech Projects

Application for Master’s/PhD students extended till 5 FEB 2021.
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  • Augmenting AI Recommender System for L&D Platform via Implicit/Explicit feedback & User Profile

  • Deep Learning for Social Media Marketing Platform

  • Analyse Consumer Conversations for Recommendations in FMCG Sector

  • Monitoring of construction productivity through video analytics

  • Computer Vision in Built Environment

  • High-throughput DNA Sequencing for enzyme engineering

  • Strain Optimisation for Production of High-Value Compound

  • Gravimeter Product Development

  • PCB Design and Miniaturisation

  • Miniaturised Cold Atom Trap for Interferometry

  • Firmware Development for DDS & FPGA Devices

  • Fully-integrated and Offline Robot Simulator for AI-Robot Programming

  • Revolutionising Clean Meat: Developing Novel Biomaterials and Bioprocesses

  • Development of Advanced Calibration Systems for Autonomous Vehicles

  • Applied Mathematics with Quantum Computing

  • Numerics, Optimisation and Machine Learning Methods

  • AI for Medical Imaging in Breast Cancer Screening

  • Machine Learning on Earth Observation

  • Apollo – Data Science for eCommerce Intelligence Engine

  • Apollo – Machine Learning for eCommerce Intelligence Engine

  • Action Recognition to Secure Soft Targets

  • Deep Learning on Retinal Images

  • Federated learning based anomaly detection for IoT devices

  • Post-Quantum Cryptography in IoT Public Key Infrastructure

  • Reyal Anticounterfeit Solution

  • Hardware Robotics Design Project

  • Product and Sphere Research & Development

  • IOT & AI Development for Future Microscopy

  • Autonomous Crop Monitoring Using Micro-drones

  • Autonomous Navigation and Perception with Micro-drone for Pollination in Greenhouses

  • Data Science for Predictive Supply Chains

  • Enhancing IoT Firmware and Hardware for Efficient Operation

  • Improving forecast, distinguish, and optimization of electrical demand using ML and modelling

  • Optimisation of 3D printing in robotic production

  • Computer Vision and Motion Planning for Soft Robotic Catering

  • Computer Vision for Low-power Low-compute Devices

  • Quantum Communications Technologies R&D

  • Satellites for Quantum Communication R&D

  • Quantum Entanglement Software R&D

  • Material Engineering for Green Hydrogen Production

  • Advanced Control for FreeSpace Optics Communication

  • Deep Learning on Echocardiograms

  • Autonomous Prime Mover for Ports

  • Radio Frequency Signal Processing Algorithm Development for WaveScan’s Scanning Technology

  • System Integration of WaveScan’s Scanners onto Robotic Platforms