SGInnovate: Building Startups in AI, MedTech, Mobility and More

The Infinity (∞) Series is a Deep Tech Immersion programme and one-stop access for talent to become multi-faceted product leaders of tomorrow.


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  • Product Designer for Web3 Identities Solution Platform

  • Backend Developer for Web3 Identities Solution Platform

  • Building Scalable Systems for Large Scale Video Analytics

  • AI Dashboard for Smart Building

  • AireLevate™ Exosuit Deployment for Logistics Industry

  • SambalOS - Intelligence for Autonomous Underwater Robotics

  • AI Medical Imaging for Breast Cancer Screening

  • Phoenix Platform UI/UX Design

  • A/B Testing Framework for AI Content Writer

  • Designing Mental Healthcare Application

  • Apollo – Full Stack Development for eCommerce Intelligence Engine

  • Software that Powers Next-Gen Medical Devices in Eye Care

  • Powering the Backend and Data Infrastructure for Next-Gen Medical Devices in Eye Care

  • Lifecycle Management System, Protection Suite

  • Data Analytics for Gamified Smart Wearables

  • UI/UX Design for Gamified Smart Wearables

  • Full Stack Development for Microscopy

  • Democratising Hydrogen and New Energy Sources Through Decentralised Marketplaces

  • Creating and Improving on B2B SaaS Platform for Energy Management

  • Designing Product Roadmap for Quantum Projects

  • Mission Control Software Engineering for Quantum Satellite Programme

  • Quantum Key Distribution Software Development

  • Developing AI-powered Platform to Democratise Echocardiography