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Morning Pitch Singapore: Osaka Startups

Presented by Deloitte
Partnered with: SGInnovate

Morning Pitch is a pitching platform hosted by Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support. This platform helps startups form business alliances and partnerships with large corporations, corporate venture capitals and venture capital firms. The focus for this Morning Pitch is on Osaka Startups.

The theme of each Morning Pitch is defined in advance and changes monthly. The event series was originally launched in Japan in 2013, and t has been organised more than300 times, over 1,100 startups have pitched, and more than 16 IPOs and 200 business alliances have been created.

Date: 29 January 2021, Friday
Time: 10:00am – 11:00am (Singapore Time / UTC +8)

Pitching startups:
- mui Lab
We advocate the concept of “Calm Technology & Design” being inspired by one of the philosophy of Taoism, “mui shizen” and bring the technology more calm and subtle to harmonize between the human, technology and nature.

- Artlogue
We are an arts tech company that innovates in the art industry with our technology. now, we are trying to promote three dimension VR museum overseas. (English not available)

- Cross Fader
We launched an app called “mbeat”, that creates fun short music videos automatically synced with users' selected music. We plan to provide a new platform to support video and music creators and connect them with their followers. This app has already downloaded in over 130 countries, including Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and India.

- AC Biode
AC Biode, a Japanese chemistry-based start-up, recycles coal ash or biomass ash into multi-functional chemical composite.

- At
We offer the capillary analysis system, which enables to visualize the condition of blood vessels with only using your fingertip.

- Acall
provides Smart Office platform such as a smart check-in, lock, and meeting room management by using personal authentication (e.g.QR/face recognition) to companies, and building management firms. (English not available)

- Chinogijutsu 
Non-contact aerial operation AI sensor to prevent contact infection of COVID-19 from high touch surface. (English not available)

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