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  • AI-Powered Solutions in Healthcare: A Precision Medicine Approach to Cancer Therapy

    In line with Singapore’s National Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy, a study done in 2018 found that healthcare professionals in Singapore were found to be ranked third globally when it comes to using AI for clinical diagnosis. However, more healthcare innovators and practitioners are now pushing the limits to what AI in the healthcare industry can do. With the development of novel AI models for disease prediction and management, companies have shown that through innovation and collaboration, there is an opportunity for AI to be a useful tool in more ways than one.
    One avenue that AI in healthcare has shown promise in is in immunotherapy for cancer treatment. AI platforms have shown promise when it comes to site activation, rapid identification as well as drug screening and discovery. With cancer cases rising over the years in Singapore and other countries around the world, such platforms could give healthcare professionals an edge in the global fight against cancer.
    At this session, we look at how AI-powered solutions could be used to address major challenges in drug discovery and precision medicine. Join us at our event as we hear from industry experts on how the healthcare industry could leverage AI platforms in immunotherapy and how this could be a potential game-changer for cancer therapy.

    Topics: MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech

  • Technology That Matters: The Financial Risks and Rewards of Therapeutics for Infectious Diseases

    Our lives have suddenly been forced into the core of the digital world this year. We are still able to work and socialise globally because of the advancement in technology. Despite the situation we are in today, scientists will continue to advance the technology to aid the human race.

    Topics: MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech

  • Improving Respiratory Health With Collaborative Research and Innovation

    Chronic respiratory diseases account for four million deaths annually, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) who has made the prevention, control and cure for respiratory diseases a top health priority. As most chronic respiratory disorders are under-diagnosed and under-treated, a global collaborative effort will be needed to improve medical care for those afflicted with respiratory diseases. 

    Topics: MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech

  • Microbes as Therapeutics

    The importance of the microbiome to human health has gradually been elucidated in recent years. The collective activities of the microbes – their metabolism, their interactions among different species, and their interactions with the host's immune system – play important roles in maintaining the health status of multiple systems, including the gastrointestinal, metabolic, and the neurological systems. Since the early 2000s, there had been multiple startups and non-profit clinical projects investigating the use of microbiome components as therapeutics for various diseases. With the development of synthetic biology, novel methods of applying genetically engineered microbes to specifically target certain disease mechanisms are also being developed.

    Topics: MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech, Startups

  • Transforming Healthcare Amidst Crisis with Deep Tech

    The global Coronavirus pandemic has put Singapore's research and development capability in the spotlight. Singapore's decades' old groundwork on nurturing the research, innovation and enterprise ecosystem, especially in the health and biomedical sciences,
    has put Singapore in the unique position of being able to respond quickly to the health crisis with deep technology-driven solutions. 

    Topics: MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech, Startups

  • Technology That Matters: Wrapping Food In A Silky Edible Coating To Prevent Food Waste

    Our lives have suddenly been forced into the core of the digital world this year. We are still able to work and socialise globally because of the advancement in technology. Despite the situation we are in today, scientists will continue to advance the technology to aid the human race.

    Topics: FoodTech, MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech

  • Future of Smart and Personalised Healthcare [Online Event]

    As the world moves into the next era of the industrial revolution, technologies today are primarily guided by big data and adoption of interconnectivity across multiple industries and healthcare is no exception.

    Topics: MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech

  • Deep Tech for Good: No Citizens Left Behind [Online Event]

    The Covid-19 pandemic is an important reminder of the long-term importance of investing in and building human capital – health, knowledge, capabilities, skills and resilience - that are critical to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. This is especially true in Africa, which is home to the world’s youngest population and also to some of the toughest human capital challenges.

    Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics, FoodTech, MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech

  • Sustainable Bio-Manufacturing in APAC: From Chemicals to Materials

    Synthetic biology is the principle of synthesising DNAs and designing genetic circuitry to enhance or repurpose cellular functions. In recent years, advancements in this field of science have expanded the capabilities of microbial fermentation to beyond just brewing and food processing. Through microbial and mammalian cell engineering, bio-manufacturing has been repurposed for a wide variety of end products from fragrance to pharmaceuticals.

    Topics: MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech, Others

  • The Future of Patient Care in a Digital World [Online Event]

    If this global pandemic has taught us anything, it is that digital healthcare solutions are increasingly becoming a mainstream offering. Key services like telehealth, clinical decision support and digital access to personal medical records, are just some examples that healthcare is moving away from being a predominantly encounter-based (and physical) care model.

    Topics: MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech

  • From Lab to Market: Journey of an Entrepreneurial Scientist [Online Event]

    The Entrepreneurial Scientist brings research out of the lab to start a business. The challenges come hard and fast – market and early adopter identification; user needs specification; product development; pilots or trials; go-to-market preparations; funding; critical hiring at the initial phase, etc.

    Topics: Investments, MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech, Quantum Technologies, Startups

  • ASEAN Deep Tech Economy [Online Event]

    Deep Tech spans from scientific discovery or engineering innovation and has the potential to be disruptive. Deep Tech promises solutions to real-life problems within healthcare, energy, food and sustainability, amongst others.

    Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics, Investments, MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech, Startups