Learning from Experienced Angels Series - Investing in Deep Tech Startups: Why, How and Where? | SGInnovate
October 11


BASH, Level 3
Block 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent
Singapore 139955

Learning from Experienced Angels Series - Investing in Deep Tech Startups: Why, How and Where?

Presented by AngelCentral. Partnered with SGInnovate

As the deep technology scene continues to grow and develop in Singapore, we see investors being more willing to fund deep tech companies in sectors such as Machine Learning/AI, biomedical technology, and cybersecurity. 

Join us as we hear from an experienced panel to hear their insights, lessons learnt, and tips for angel investors who are looking to be involved with and invest in deep technology companies. 

Date    :  11 October 2018
Time    :  4:00pm – 6:00pm
Venue  :  BASH, Level 3, Block 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139955


  • Mr Pang Heng Soon, Head, Venture Building, SGInnovate
  • Dr Prem Pillay, Medical Director, Singapore Brain Spine Nerve Center
  • Chirayu Wadke, Partner, Seedplus
  • Kuo-Yi Lim, Managing Partner, Monk Hill’s Ventures

Moderator: Mr Lim Der Shing, Partner of AngelCentral

Note: as we have limited space and this event is primarily for angel investors, we will require all attendees to register their interest with us first, and we will provide you with a confirmation of your slot within 3-5 working days.

Speakers’ Profiles:

Mr Pang Heng Soon, Head, Venture Building, SGInnovate

Heng Soon brings with him 30 years of in-depth knowledge and experience in technology startups investments. At SGInnovate, he leads the Venture Building team that is focused on launching new startups that have research and intellectual property at their core.

To increase the success rates of these early-stage deep-tech startups, the Venture Building team also provides business building advice and works closely with them in areas such as use case and customer identification, talent recruiting, and strategic priorities.

Prior to his current role, Heng Soon was active in sales and business development, having had leadership roles in the precision manufacturing and automation equipment sector. 

Heng Soon started his career at Singapore’s Economic Development Board (EDB) where he led efforts in identifying promising Singapore companies for targeted development. While at EDB Investments, Heng Soon was involved in direct investments into high-growth US-based technology startups.

He graduated as a Diplom-Ingenieur from Hamburg, Germany in 1985.


Dr Prem Pillay, Medical Director, Singapore Brain Spine Nerve Center

Dr Prem Pillay is a senior specialist neurosurgeon in Singapore who previously was at the Cleveland Clinic USA. He specialises in treating spine and brain injuries with cutting-edge medical technology. Health informatics has been a keen area of interest for Dr Prem since his early days in the profession, and he has explored this passion through advising and working closely with medical technology companies around the world. He has been actively involved with various healthcare startups as an entrepreneur, Mentor, Advisor and investor, with companies such as Klinify, VaultDragon, Kiddo, Cognifyx, Healthcode, Stimwave, Qool therapeutics, Revvo, Novascan, and Stimguard. He also serves as an advisor and Limited Partner at funds and organisations such as Jungle Ventures, HealthXCapital, AngelsMD and BioPacific investors. 

Chirayu Wadke, Partner, Seedplus

Mr Chirayu Wadke is an experienced technology executive, working on IOT and mobile payments platforms at Google, Mountain View for the last 5 years. He headed business development for the smart router designed by Google, and before that lead business development for the NFC mobile wallet ecosystem back in 2012 with Google Wallet/Android Pay. Prior to Google, he started Verizon Wireless' corporate development presence in Asia Pacific and India and was one of the first few people on Softcard (JV between Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T). Between large company stints, he has also tried his hand at founding a startup, which went on to raise a few million dollars in venture funding. Chirayu has been an advisor to Jungle ventures since its inception in 2012.

Kuo-Yi Lim, Managing Partner, Monk Hill’s Ventures

Mr Lim Kuo-Yi was most recently the CEO of Infocomm Investments, a $200M venture fund based in Singapore investing in technology startups globally. At Infocomm Investments, Kuo-Yi led investments in Twilio, Dataxu, Reebonz, Quid, Gengo, DS3 and other leading startups. Kuo-Yi has been a founder, early employee, mentor and angel investor of early-stage technology startups spanning the US and Asia. He was a senior sales executive at Encentuate (acq. by IBM) and Reputation Technologies (acq. by Security Sources), and co-founder of SportsHook, a sports-focused SaaS platform. Kuo-Yi graduated from MIT with the bachelor, Masters and doctorate degrees in electrical engineering. He describes a 'perfect day' as: Section 42, Row 37, Seat 21, Fenway Park, 80 degrees weather, a hot dog and a cold beer.

Moderator’s Profile: 

Mr Lim Der Shing, Partner of AngelCentral

He is the former co-founder of JobsCentral. Together with his wife Shao Ning, they have invested in >30 startup companies and venture capital funds over the past 5 years.

Topics: Investments

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