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  • Data Dialogue: Data Analytics and Blockchain in the Decentralized Future

    We are moving into a future where control and ownership of data is being reimagined. This gives rise to new technology and services that are in their very nature decentralized. By extension, the decentralization of data (whether it is from IoT devices, self-driving vehicles, or user computer interactions) will become a reality. However, data by itself is useless. It is the intelligence that is derived from data that is valuable.

    Topics: Blockchain, Data Science / Data Analytics

  • AgHack powered by Ministry of Data

    Aghack presents an opportunity for Singapore startups to access the Australian market and showcase their capabilities in building globally-relevant products at a regional level. SGInnovate is collaborating with the Ministry of Data (MoD) to facilitate and evaluate proposals from members of the Singapore startup community. 

    Topics: Data Science / Data Analytics

  • Technology That Matters: Epi-everything: Convergent Technologies Yield New Opportunities Beyond the Genome

    Humans are defined by the set of ~20,000 genes that comprise the genome, which is often viewed as a human parts list – the “what” of molecular biology. The central dogma of molecular biology then describes “how” these genes are expressed: they are transcribed into messenger RNAs that are translated into proteins.  But it says nothing about the “when” or “how much” of gene expression. 

    Topics: Data Science / Data Analytics

  • Opportunities In Data Analytics & Data Science

    If you are wondering what day-to-day life as a Data Scientist or Data Analyst would be like, join us for ‘Career Conversations: Data Science & Analytics’. We will talk about various career paths, top skills needed to succeed, companies in Singapore hiring for Data roles, good places to meet other Data Scientists and Analysts, and the ups and downs of this career. Bring your questions for our panel of veteran Data Scientists and Analysts. They will give you insight into their roles, help you understand what is needed to get there, and, just maybe, inspire you to make a change.

    Topics: Data Science / Data Analytics

  • Data Science Summit: Harness the Full Potential of Data Science

    The Data Science Summit is an annual event bringing together the data science community in Singapore, to discuss ways to harness the full potential of data science and machine learning. The agenda is suited to guide you through the process of extracting knowledge from data by using the latest methodologies, tools and algorithms.

    Topics: Data Science / Data Analytics

  • Google Next Billion Users (NBU): Android and Data Best Practices for NBU Markets

    At this 4th edition, we will focus on Android and data best practices for NBU markets. Building apps for Next Billion Users is quite different. Users in merging markets have unique needs, culture, environment and technological constraints. We are going to talk about the best practices in building Android apps in terms of connectivity, compatibility, performance and client/server communication.

    Topics: Data Science / Data Analytics

  • What Does It Take To Land The First Data Science Job/Internship?

    Come and get some insights into what hiring managers are looking for when searching for interns or new data scientist. Learn what strategies current students use to land an internship and their first job. 

    Topics: Data Science / Data Analytics

  • Talk Data To Me: Learning Resources and Books for Data Analysts and Scientists

    At this event, we host thought-leaders from the data community to discuss the possibilities that data brings to life. They’ll cover the best resources to start with data science and how to stay up to date.
    Why It Matters:According to a Forbes article, “2017 will be the year big data goes mainstream … whether gathering data on the front end or making big decisions in the C-Suite, every single person in your organization must buy into the value [data] analytics brings”.

    Topics: Data Science / Data Analytics