Blockchain Night@SGInnovate
August 29 2017


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We have an exciting line-up for this month’s Blockchain Night, you won’t want to miss!  


Check out a sneak peek of this month’s program: 

Blockchain is there for trust

Kaidi Ruusaleep
Founder &CEO

Founder and CEO of Funderbeam, the global startup stock exchange built on blockchain. Funderbeam combines three stages of investor journey into one: startup analytics, investing, and trading on the secondary market. Powered by blockchain technology, the marketplace delivers capital to growth companies and on-demand liquidity to investors worldwide.

A Standup Blockchain Improvisation

Han Verstraete
Founder & CEO, Otonomos

 Mano Thanablan
CTO, Otonomos

 2017 was the year we were promised things would get built on blockchain. Instead, things got funded but who is building?
Find out more as Han and Mano take you through their journey. They will be covering about their year of building versus getting funded, the importance of still looking at conventional funding methods and the tools thy used to build their platform along with the whys and hows it was all done.


Blockchain, Cryptography, and Consensus

Dr. Angelo De Caro
IBM Zurich

 Permissioned blockhains allow a well identifiable set of participants to run blockchain technology in a setting where the involved parties require some means of identifying each other while not necessarily fully trusting the other members of the network. This represents an emerging alternative to permissionless blockchains) in which anybody can participate, e.g Bitcoin, Ethereum) that better addresses the needs of business applications of blokchain and distributed ledgers. In this talk, we will explore permissioned blockhain technologies with a focus on the Hyperledger Project, a prominent open source initiative under the patronage of the Linux Foundation, dedicated to bringing blockchain technologies to businesses. 

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