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November 13


Perl @ BASH, Level 3
79 Ayer Rajah Cresent
Singapore 139955

Blockchain for Enterprise Workshop

Presented by SGInnovate & TNO

Designed for senior corporate executives, our first by-invitation Blockchain for Enterprise Workshop on 13 November features a spotlight on how the technology underlying bitcoin is changing business, money and the world. 

Blockchain technology is heralded as the next chapter of the information and network society and is perceived to have an enormous impact on our economy, trade and the public sector. Our workshop participants will learn from renowned blockchain experts on how this technology may transform the future economy, and gain insights into how they may leverage blockchain for their businesses. 

The Blockchain for Enterprise Workshop is jointly organised by SGInnovate and The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). The Netherlands has been a pioneering blockchain nation, with many unique use cases of blockchain by the government, corporates, startups and universities. 

Some of the real-world examples will be featured by blockchain start-ups such as Ocean Protocol and VMC, covering areas like health-tech/med-tech and autonomous vehicles.

Through this workshop, we aim to provide you with both technical knowledge and deeper understanding on how blockchain technology can be implement in a safe and legal way for your organisation.

  • Increased knowledge in terms of concrete possibilities of the Blockchain
  • Increased knowledge in of the technical, legal and security aspects of blockchain technology
  • A Blockchain Security Checklist
  • Learning of the best examples worldwide to gain practical knowledge faster.
  • Ideas & suggestions for a use case for the own organization
  • Support in decision making whether blockchain is of added value for your organization
  • Insight into how one can get started with blockchain technology after the training
  • A national and international network with the best Blockchain experts
  • An indication of the costs to develop use cases and prototypes


9:00 Opening & Introduction
9:15 Module 1: Blockchain introduction

  • Introduction to blockchain: history, cryptocurrency and distributed ledgers
  • An overview of the most commonly used blockchains and in which they differ from each other
  • Legal aspects
  • Practice: create your own token & smart contract

10:45 Coffee break
11:15 Module 2: Practical implementation

  • Inspiration & lessons learned from best use-cases worldwide, specially selected for the participants
  • Discussion: What would be a good use case for your own organization?
  • Practical guidelines: how to start exploring & using blockchain technology in your own organization

12:45 Lunch
13:30 Module 3: Blockchain Incidents Landscape

  • Case study on two blockchain specific incidents
  • 15:00 Coffee break
  • 15:30: Module 4: Introduction of Cyber Security Framework for Blockchain
  • Blockchain Security Checklist
  • Roundtable on Security Measures

17:00 Wrap Up
17: 15 Closing & Questions

Trainers' biodata

This workshop is headed by Blockchain experts Marloes Pomp and Mark van Staalduinen. Their role is to help the participants with a better understanding of blockchain technology and how they can start using it in their own organization. They also establish bridges between the participating organisations and the local technical blockchain experts. In the last 5 years, they have built an extensive international network with the Blockchain community.

Dr. Mark van Staalduinen,

His main interest lies in the understanding of cybercrime innovation due to the current pace of technologies, like Blockchain and IoT. Besides his scientific profile, he has a strong focus on law enforcement. He is a seconded cybercrime expert to INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation in Singapore. He is innovation manager at TNO with focus on Dark Web, Blockchain and IoT Security. He received his MSc in Electrical Engineering from Delft University of Technology (DUT) in 2003. Dr. van Staalduinen has been employed by TNO since 2007. He received his PhD from DUT’s Department of Information and Communication Theory in 2010. Since 2012 full-time committed to innovations in cyber security. Since January 2016, Dr. van Staalduinen holds position at TNO Singapore to strengthen international partnerships in his capacity of deputy director of the Singapore office.


Marloes Pomp


She is the Initiator and Program Officer for the blockchain projects within the Dutch Government and is responsible for the international strategy of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition.

To establish the exact opportunities and threats of blockchain technology, Marloes started 35 pilot projects within the Dutch Government. Some of them are in the prototype phase, others are implemented. She has also built an international network with organizations working together on use-cases and prototypes. In 2017 Marloes was the Mission leader of the first official blockchain trade mission to Singapore. Now she is working on a three-year collaboration between Singapore and the Netherlands on blockchain projects and research. Marloes her professional interests focus on tech-innovation in general. Prior to the blockchain projects, Marloes worked in several roles like project leader and trainer on innovation programs. In addition, she serves as an advisory member for corporates, start-ups and the Dutch Court.


Daryl Arnold

Founder of Ocean Protocol and Chairman of DEX, Daryl is an entrepreneur experienced in data, marketing, technology and sustainability. He is passionate about building businesses from the ground up and had achieved a hundred million dollars plus of sales from Asia, Europe and America. Following successful exits in the digital marketing space, Daryl now focuses on Smart Cities, Active Ageing, Civic Innovation, Open Data and Internet of Things.


Jochem Verheul

CEO and Founder of VMC, Jochem is tech entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in building successful teams and companies. VMC.AI’s mission is to make mobility smarter and cleaner by building a new blockchain platform with a unique model for a secure marketplace for mobility and a platform for vehicle cooperation and cooperative navigation. Jochem also acts as an advisor to promising Blockchain start-ups. 

Topics: Blockchain

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    - AI as a specialised problem-solver: 2019 will be the year for AI companies that are narrowly focused on specific processes to solve industry pain points to win big in the market, such as AIDA and Taiger. AI startup that identifies their target audience as everyone usually means that their revenue will likely be highly skewed on the service side, making them unable to scale and an unattractive investment to VCs.

    • Blockchain assumes its next form: Again, solving a specific problem for a niche industry is critical in differentiating high potential blockchain companies from the rest. Keep an eye on blockchain applications that do not go up against the technological barrier of scalability, but solve challenging problems that involve a smaller number of stakeholders.
    • The doctor will see you now: Products that assist and augment the role of medical professionals will see better traction in 2019. Healthtech is likely to remain highly localised due to data privacy laws, thus, concerns over scalability and speed of growth should be considered.
    • We don’t need roads where we’re going, yet: At the platform level, AVs are not likely to be an area of focus in 2019. Instead, the intermediate stage occupied by teleoperations, namely remote-controlled vehicles, is expected to see increased growth because they are deployed in labour-intensive industries or hazardous areas

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