Blockchain 3.0 - Future Decentralized | SGInnovate
June 29 2018


32 Carpenter Street
Singapore 059911

Blockchain 3.0 - Future Decentralized

Organised by Morpheus Labs
Partnered with QuarkChain & nem. Supported by IPI Singapore & Wantedly

The first version of blockchain of bitcoin blockchain focuses on peer-to-peer money transfer. As blockchain technology evolved from this version 1.0, Ethereum has emerged as version 2.0 allowing decentralised apps to be built on top of it. Version 3.0 promises to be highly scalable with millions of transactions running on it with the aim of allowing real world complex applications to run atop. Join us as we explore how MorpheusLabs together with Quarkchain bring this idea to live.

1.  Introduction to MorpheusLabs
- Platform Demonstration 
-  Highlight Interoperability of cross chain
by [Morpheus Labs] Branson Lee (Co-Founder, Morpheus Labs)

  • Executive Committee, Head of Talents, Singapore Fintech Association

2. Introduction to NEM

  • Nem intro and what NEM is doing in the region
  • Venture fund, community fund and accelerator program partners.
  • Partnership of NEM X Morpheus Labs

by [NEM Foundation] Steven Chia: Regional Head of South East Asia  

 3. Introduction to Quarkchain
- Quarkchain plan in Singapore and Blockchain Industry
- Partnership of Quarkchain X Morpheus Labs
by [Quarkchain] Qi Zou: Former Googler and Facebook. Founder of Quarkchain  

Topics: Blockchain