AngelCentral Masterclass Series: Angel Investing Workshop | SGInnovate
February 15 2020


BASH, Level 3,
Block 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent via Lift Lobby 3
Singapore 139955

AngelCentral Masterclass Series: Angel Investing Workshop

Presented by AngelCentral
Partnered with SGInnovate

Calling out to all Angel Investors, Entrepreneurs, VCs, fund managers, academics, corporates and anyone else who wish to learn more about Angel Investing in ASEAN!

Discover what it takes to invest in your first startup without having to make your angel investing experience expensive and painful.

Have you ever wanted to know what goes behind the thoughts of an experienced angel investor in Asia, or more on how to go about becoming an effective and competent angel investor? If so, join us for this 3-hour workshop as we share with you their strategies and approach to investing in startups. Throughout the session, the trainers would be using live case studies that have been gathered through personal experience over the past couple of years.

Through this interactive and engaging session, you will be equipped with the skills to evaluate a startup, manage your portfolio, and maximise your profitability. The workshop will help you to:

  1. Manage and construct your portfolio for angel investments. Learn how startups fit into your overall portfolio, allocate your assets to ensure minimum risk with maximum rewards, and set your personal goals for angel investing.
  2. Gain insights into the lifecycle of a startup, the overall tech startup ecosystem and how angels fit into the space. You will learn about the different stakeholders in a startup ecosystem, the full lifecycle of a startup, and the possible types of investments before exit.
  3. Generate deal flow. You will learn about the different ways angels can be exposed to startup investment opportunities, including how to position yourself as a credible and useful investor, establish credibility and branding via consistent value-add, build expertise, and engage with fellow investors to expand your network.
  4. Evaluate and conduct due diligence on startups. Understand the partners' personal framework for evaluating startups which resulted from years of personal experience and countless refinements over the years. This includes questions to ask when assessing a startup’s solution, founding team, marketing opportunity, and business model.
  5. Manage expectations and add value post-investment. You will gain greater clarity on what it is like after making your first investment, the different ways angels can contribute to startups, how to manage and communicate with founders during the post-investment phase, etc.

Your ticket also provides you access to the AngelCentral Community, a group of 1000+ angels who are passionate and interested in helping fund startups in the ASEAN region. AngelCentral is one of the fastest-growing community of angel investors in Southeast Asia. We organise regular curated pitch sessions, angel education workshops and provide syndication services.

The idea for AngelCentral started in late 2016 as an initiative by Der Shing and Shao Ning to share their experiences and lessons learned on angel investing. Also, as the Partners meet hundreds of startups annually, they decided to organise pitch days help promising startups connect with angel investors.

With the initial success and validation of their efforts in 2017, AngelCentral incorporated officially in February 2018 with the mission to build a community of effective angel investors in Southeast Asia. In 2018 alone, AngelCentral has trained >200 angels and raised >S$6m for the startups that they featured.

Date: 15 February 2020, Saturday
Time: 9:00am – 12.00pm
Venue: Perl & Java @ BASH, Level 3, 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139955


  • Lim Der Shing, Co-Founder & Partner, AngelCentral
  • Huang Shao-Ning, Co-Founder & Partner, AngelCentral
  • Phey Teck Moh, Partner, AngelCentral

Speakers’ Profiles:

Lim Der Shing, Co-Founder & Partner, AngelCentral
Der Shing is an active Regional Angel Investor in close to 30 startups with over S$5M worth of funding in total. At the same time, Der Shing serves as a Venture Partner at Jungle Ventures and Partner at AngelCentral. In addition, as the Former CEO and founder of JobsCentral Group, Der Shing grew both the profit and revenue over a 14-year period from a 2-man startup into a leading regional job portal with over 150 staff in 3 countries. In 2011, the business was sold to CareerBuilder.

His experience covers all the topics required to start, build, scale and invest in a consumer internet business in South East Asia. He shares some of his insights at his blog. Since 2017, Der Shing has trained >140 angels around the region which has received numerous positive reviews. 

Huang Shao-Ning, Co-Founder & Partner, AngelCentral
Shao-Ning is the Chief Angel and co-founder of AngelCentral ( AngelCentral started as a community in Feb 2017 to facilitate angel investments in Singapore. The community grew rapidly to almost 280 strong within ten months and helped raised 8+M since 2016. Seeing the enthusiasm and support from the community, Shao-Ning together with Teck Moh and Der Shing, decided to incorporate and provide more in-depth angel training and investment support, with the key mandate to bridge good angels with good startups in Southeast Asia.

For the past few years, Shao-Ning focuses on three aspects in her life, being an angel investor, startup advisor and most importantly, as a wife and mother to four boys ages between 3 and 16. Shao-Ning meets with around 5-7 startups weekly as a possible investor and also shares her experiences with some of them. The startups are mainly technology startups, with verticals ranging from Medical to HR to Education to Food Tech. Whenever she can, she tries her best to support entrepreneurship causes, especially for women executives/founders. Previously, Shao-Ning was the Managing Director/ Group Deputy CEO of JobsCentral Group (now CareerBuilder Singapore). She started the company as a fresh graduate in 2000, grew it from a two-man team to 150-pax regional business, and sold it in 2011 to the US market leader, CareerBuilder. She left the company in 2014. In 2015 she started a web-based video platform to promote women’s confidence but sadly had to shut it down due to partner incompatibility. Her life focus is to be relevant and pay it forward, helping wherever she can.

Phey Teck Moh, Partner, AngelCentral 
Phey Teck Moh is a mentor and angel investor in the Singapore entrepreneur ecosystem. He cofounded AngelCentral, which provide education and curated startups for angel investments. At Entrepreneur First, Teck Moh is a mentor to extraordinary people to build amazing startups from scratch. Xpanasia is an advisory company specializing in Telecommunications and Information Technology companies in Asia Pacific.

He had retired as Asia President, Motorola Solutions in May 2013. During his tenure, Motorola Solutions Asia Pacific grew more than 15% per annum. Prior to Motorola, Phey was the President & Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Internet, a NASDAQ-listed Internet service provider in Asia Pacific. He started his career at IBM and moved to Compaq. His startup investments include Homage, Metro Residences, Portcast, Rainmaker Labs, and many others.

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