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  • Greening Tomorrow, Today: Partnerships for Zero Carbon Shipping

    International shipping accounts for 2-3 per cent of global GHG emissions – a number that will only increase in line with expected growth in global trade if no actions are taken. Shipping is a hard-to-abate sector, and the solution involves the entire maritime value chain from fuel production via ports to the ships. Therefore, it requires international collaboration amongst states, companies and non-state actors and across the value chain to reach the global climate goals set in the Paris Agreement and the International Maritime Organisation’s initial GHG strategy. The overall challenge is to make different parts of the value chain across sectors commit, co-operate, and deliver at the same time to prove that emission-free shipping has the potential to be a practicable and viable choice. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure the right framework for innovation across the entire value chain to support the development of new energy systems and technologies for decarbonising shipping. Furthermore, international collaboration across the maritime value chain is key to ensure the development of zero-emission shipping, and zero-emission shipping is a must-win battle in our collective effort to overcome climate change.

    Topics: CleanTech / Green Tech, 5G

  • Leaders’ Dialogue: The Future of Enterprise Technologies

    Science and technology innovation plays a critical role in Singapore's future economy, especially in levelling up enterprise capabilities and transforming industries. In his Singapore Budget 2021 speech, Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Heng Swee Keat announced that over S$24 billion would be allocated over the next three years to help businesses and workers transition to a post-pandemic world, of which a significant budget is allocated to enable businesses to adopt digital solutions and technological improvements.

    Topics: 5G, Others

  • DX Leaders Series: 5G: Beyond the hype [Online Event]

    5G has been a topic that is widely discussed globally. However, do we really understand its capabilities and potential? It is time to take a look into how 5G can match the demand generated by Industry 4.0 and drive new processes across businesses.

    Topics: 5G

  • 5G, AI and Mobile Networks of the Future [Online Event]

    5G and AI are considered to be among the most disruptive technologies that the world has seen in decades. In recent years, ITU has developed specifications for the integration of AI/ML in future networks including 5G. Today, AI is already incorporated into mobile networks, with a primary focus on reducing capital expenditure, optimising network performance, delivering better customer experience, and building new revenue streams. How will the roles of AI in powering mobile networks of the future evolve?

    Topics: 5G