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Robotics and AI – Cross-border Opportunities between Singapore and Denmark


Jun 30 2022, Thursday04:00 PM - 05:00 PM (GMT+08:00)-Kuala Lumpur, Singapore


, Singapore



How are Denmark and Singapore driving the technology ecosystems to aid the world's digital and sustainable transitions? Join us as we invite speakers to discuss on cross-border opportunities between these markets!

Robots, especially collaborative robots, are experiencing rapid market growth. A primary driving force behind this growth is a consistently decreasing price, which makes them a viable solution in a wider range of applications, inside and outside of the factory setting, for companies big and small. Advances in edge computing have made collaborative robots more flexible and easier than ever to implement.

Singapore has a vibrant and growing robotics and AI ecosystem. Companies in industry sectors such as Manufacturing, Logistics, Healthcare, Construction, Environmental Services, Facilities Management, and Food are increasingly adopting robotics and AI solutions, to enhance productivity, safety, quality, and resiliency.
The Asian innovation hub’s diverse base of robotics and AI technology and solution providers is further powered by one of the world’s most vibrant start-up ecosystem. Singapore is home to 55,000 start-ups and 80 of the top 100 tech giants are based there. 

Denmark, the most digitalised country in Europe, is a dense robotics centre. For decades, it has been at the forefront of innovations within Robotics, AI and Machine Learning. The government’s new ‘Robotics Strategy’ looks to strengthen R&D within robotics, enhance educational activities, promote robotics solutions for the green transition, and promote the internationalisation of Danish robotics research and industry.

Robotics is a growing industry in Denmark. There are a myriad of innovative start-up companies looking for partnerships to co-develop solutions and grow internationally, a strong network of robotics and drone suppliers and technology developers, and unique partnering opportunities with leading Danish research institutions in the development and deployment of robotics and AI. Denmark’s highly connected society - where consumers have the most positive attitude towards the use of robotics in the EU - provides excellent opportunities for testing and applying robotics and AI solutions, with easy access to the European market.

Evidently, abundant cross-border opportunities within robotics and AI exist between Singapore and Denmark. It is of vast interest for both countries to promote the mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations.

During this online session, several industry experts will introduce the Danish and Singaporean Tech ecosystems, market perspectives, along with in-depth knowledge of industry trends and most interesting use-cases. This is the perfect starting point if you are interested in specialised skills, R&D collaboration, investment potentials, or scaling to the Nordics or Asian markets.

Date: 30 June 2022, Thursday
Time: 4:00pm - 5:00pm (Singapore Time / UTC +8)

4:00pm – 4:05pm:
Welcome Remarks
4:05pm – 4:10pm: Opening Remarks by Anne Hougaard Jensen, Director, Invest in Denmark
4:10pm – 4:20pm: Keynote by Prof Quek Tong Boon, Chief Executive, National Robotics Programme, Chief Scientific Advisor, Ministry of Trade and Industry
4:20pm – 5:00pm: Panel Discussion and Q&A on Robotics and AI – Cross-border Opportunities between Singapore and Denmark with:

  • Gert Taul Pedersen, Business Development Director, Odense Robotics
  • Martin Høgsbjerg, Head of Global Supply Chain Technology, Danfoss Drives
  • Tung Meng Fai, Director Ecosystem Development, National Robotics Programme
  • Dylan Ng Terntzer, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, LIONSBOT
  • Moderator: Dr Marcelo H. ANG Jr, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore
Opening Speaker:
Anne Hougaard Jensen, Director, Invest in Denmark

Anne is the Director of Invest in Denmark, heading the Danish national investment promotion agency as part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. Before working for Invest in Denmark, Anne worked as the Seconded National Expert (END) Digital Europe, Secretariat-General at European Commission, Head of Division at the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs of Denmark, and in various senior positions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

Keynote Speaker:
Professor Quek Tong Boon, Chief Executive, National Robotics Programme, Chief Scientific Advisor, Ministry of Trade and Industry

Professor Quek Tong Boon has been the Chief Scientific Advisor of the Ministry of Trade and Industry and also the Chief Executive of the National Robotics Programme since 2017. Prior to his current appointments, he was the Chief Defence Scientist of the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) and its Deputy Secretary (Technology and Transformation), Chief Research and Technology Officer, and Chief Information Officer. In the 90s and 2000s, Prof Quek helmed both the Defence Materiel Organisation (predecessor organization to today’s DSTA – Defence Science and Technology Agency), and the DSO National Laboratories. He also sat on the Boards of various public sector organisations and agencies such as DSTA, DSO, SingTel, Singapore Technologies, PUB, BCA, IPOS, A*STAR and SUTD. His current public sector appointments outside MTI and A*STAR include being a member of the Committee of Government Scientific Advisors and various other scientific and technical committees in the Ministry of National Development, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and PUB. An engineer by training, Prof Quek is an adjunct professor at the Faculty of Engineering at the NUS.

Speakers' Profiles:
Gert Taul Pedersen, Business Development Director, Odense Robotics

Gert works as a Business Development Director at Odense Robotics - Denmark’s national robot, automation and drone cluster with headquarters in Odense and regional hubs across the country. Before working for Odense Robotics, Bert worked for UAS Denmark, GTP Consulting, Dong Energy, Universal Robots A/S, Danfoss Power Solutions, Schneider Electric, LEGO Systems A/S, etc.

Martin Høgsbjerg, Head of Global Supply Chain Technology, Danfoss Drives

Martin is the Head of Global Supply Chain Technology at Danfoss Drives. Previously Martin worked for Danfoss Industrial Automation, Danfoss Solar Inverters, Danfoss Commercial Compressors, and Skovby El-Service. Martin’s areas of expertise include supply chain management, project management, lean manufacturing, change management, production technology and logistic, outsourcing and EMS partnership, etc.

Tung Meng Fai, Director Designate, Ecosystem Development, National Robotics Programme

Mr Tung Meng Fai is the Director Designate, Ecosystem Development of the National Robotics Programme. He and his team work closely with international and local end-user companies across a range of industries, robotics solution & technology providers, and local institutions to facilitate partnerships and translate public R&D in robotics to market, to create economic and social impact. Prior to his current appointment, Meng Fai was a Director at Digital Industry Singapore (DISG) and held various positions in industry development across sectors such as precision engineering, electronics, marine & offshore and infocomms & media at EDB where he started his career in 2003.  He was also posted overseas as Centre Director in EDB’s Texas office. Meng Fai graduated with a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and holds an MBA from INSEAD.

Dylan Ng Terntzer, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, LIONSBOT

Dylan Ng Terntzer is the CEO and Co-Founder of LionsBot, a fast-growing, Singapore-headquartered smart robotics company that develops professional cleaning robots with personality. Founded in 2018, LionsBot has since grown to over 200-employee strong and has also developed a wide range of professional floor cleaning robots focusing on. Focused on the B2B cleaning industry, the 200- employee strong start-up has deployed smart cleaning robots to over 26 countries worldwide. The company’s first series of floor cleaning robots, the “LeoBots”, was awarded the prestigious Amsterdam Innovation Award in 2020, the first Asian company to win this coveted prize. Dylan is highly passionate about the future of cleaning technology and how robotics can empower and transform the cleaning industry. Aiming to elevate the job of traditional cleaners to robot supervisors, LionsBot allows a single cleaner to control up to 10 robots via an app. Travelling to every major cleaning exhibition, Dylan stays abreast of the most advanced cleaning equipment and technology, constantly implementing the latest industry know-how into his business. Prior to founding LionsBot, Dylan started his first company, SuperSteam Asia Pacific, with his wife and business partner, Michelle Seow, in 2002. A commercial cleaning supply company, SuperSteam Asia Pacific focuses on distributing innovative cleaning technologies. The company is one of Singapore’s leading distributors of professional cleaning products. With a love for invention and problem solving since young, he won the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award in 1994 and the National Serviceman of the Year for Singapore Armed Forces, Artillery Formation, in 2007. Dylan is passionate about leadership, positive psychology and inspiring a generation of young people to achieve the impossible! Dylan holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He is currently serving on the council of the Workforce Advancement Federation (WAF). Dylan is also an active member of Entrepreneur Organisation (EO) and Young President’s Organisation (YPO).

Moderator Profile
Dr Marcelo H. ANG Jr, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore

Marcelo H. Ang, Jr. received the B.Sc. degrees (Cum Laude) in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management Engineering from the De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines, in 1981; the M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1985; and the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Rochester, Rochester, New York, in 1986 and 1988, respectively. His work experience includes heading the Technical Training Division of Intel's Assembly and Test Facility in the Philippines, research positions at the East West Center in Hawaii and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a faculty position as an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Rochester, New York. In 1989, Dr. Ang joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the National University of Singapore, where he is currently a Professor. He is also the Director of the Advanced Robotics Centre. His research interests span the areas of robotics, mechatronics, and applications of intelligent systems methodologies. He teaches both at the graduate and undergraduate levels in the following areas: robotics; creativity and innovation, and Engineering Mathematics. He is also active in consulting work in robotics and intelligent systems. In addition to academic and research activities, he is actively involved in the Singapore Robotic Games as its founding chairman and the World Robot Olympiad as a member of the Advisory Council.