Discover your biotech aspirations

The Helix Immersion Programme (HIP) is a one year, full time on-job-training designed for biomedical academics and research professionals to be industry-ready.


Through this programme, you can expect to further develop your scientific expertise beyond academia, be exposed to a range of productisation cycles in the industry, and gain a deeper appreciation of biomedical innovation.


Explore roles available with our partner companies in a variety of biotech domains (not limited to the below listed):

  • Pharma-level (Therapeutics) project management
  • Chemistry and Manufacturing Controls
  • Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK) / Absorption, Drug Metabolism, Excretion – Toxicity (ADME-Tox)
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Others



    Gain hands-on experience with fast-growing biotech companies and be mentored by industry leaders


    Receive monthly stipends of up to S$7,000


    Access further career opportunities in the biotech industry upon completion with support from SGInnovate

Bring your science to life

Gain critical industry skills needed for a career in the biomedical field.

Mentorship guidance

Be paired with leading industry mentors that can help encourage your development and growth.

Continuous skill progression

Build in-demand skills relevant to your field of study while further enhancing your science and research expertise.

Make a difference

Be part of initiatives that can help shape the future of biomedical science.

Networking Opportunities

Meet key industry thoughtleaders and get exclusive invites to various biomedical industry events and workshops.

Take the first step into your biomedical career

Come onboard and make an impact beyond the labs. Leverage this opportunity to build your career.


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Prepare your updated CV, as well as scanned copies of educational certificates and other relevant supporting documents before you start your application.



Application review underway

After submitting your application, the SGInnovate team will carefully assess your suitability for your preferred roles. Expect to hear from us within 5 - 10 business days.



Interview with placement company

Gear up for your interview with your choice company! Fret not, an SGInnovate representative will be supporting and guiding you every step of the way.



Offer and onboarding

If you have made it this far, congratulations! Throughout your 12-month fellowship, we will ensure a smooth integration into your role and conduct regular check-ins.



Future job opportunities post-fellowship

Towards the end of your programme, we will review your fellowship and discuss a potential full-time placement.



Who Should Apply?



Biomedical research professionals who have an interest in the following biotech areas:

  • ADMET- Toxicity
  • Chemistry and Manufacturing Control
  • Pharma-level Project Management
  • Clinical & Regulatory Affairs

The HIP is currently only open to Singaporeans / PRs. International students interested in Deep Tech industry experience may explore our Summation programme.



Possess research or lab-based background in at least one of the following fields:

  • Biochemistry/Pharmacology/Life sciences
  • Analytical sciences
  • Chemistry/Chemical Engineering

Qualifications & Experience


  • MSc, with at least 2-5 years of lab-based or academic experience, OR
  • PhD in related fields, and have recently graduated, OR
  • PhD in related fields, with 2-5 years of lab-based or academic experience

Please check FAQs for more details

The Helix Immersion Programme is open for applications.


Gain industry experience with SGInnovate programme partners

Find out more about the current roles available and requirements via the cards below.

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Axcynsis Therapeutics

Research Scientist/ Sr. Research Scientist (Biologist/Antibody)


Research Scientist (Process Development/CMC)

BioCell Innovations

Scientist (Chemistry and Manufacturing Control)


Asso. Project Manager (Protein Structure)


Asso. Project Manager (Cell Culture)

Cellvec Pte Ltd

MSAT Scientist

Genetic Design and Manufacturing Corporation (GDMC)

Process Development – Scientist II

PairX Bio

Scientist/Senior Scientist


Frequently asked questions

The Helix Immersion Programme aims to produce talent that will help drive growth of the biotechnology sector in Singapore. For this phase of the programme, we are looking for talent to be trained in Drug Metabolism & PharmacoKinetics (DMPK)-Toxicity, Industry-standard Project Management, Chemistry & Manufacturing Controls (CMC) & Process Engineering, and Clinical/Regulatory Affairs.

You may apply for the programme directly through SGInnovate’s application portal. Descriptions for each role are available on our website.  

Yes, you must be able to commit to a full-time traineeship role over a period of 12 months to enrol in the Helix Immersion Programme.  

You will need to prepare your CV for upload to the application portal. CVs can be uploaded as either Word or PDF files.  

Role rotations may be possible, but will have to be discussed and agreed upon by the Helix Immersion Programme industry partner, SGInnovate and the individual trainees. 

Trainees will be assigned a mentor / mentors for the duration of the traineeship, with regular progress-check and feedback sessions scheduled. Formal updates between the industry partner mentor, SGInnovate and the trainee will also be scheduled on a quarterly basis.  

No certificates will be issued. However, the traineeship provides multiple platforms to build industry knowledge and experience, as well as key networks with established industry partners.  

SGInnovate and the Helix Immersion Programme industry partners will shortlist candidates for interviews based on the CVs submitted. 

Shortlisted candidates will then be co-interviewed by SGInnovate and the industry partners for the final selection and placement of the trainee.  

No additional tests or assignments will be involved in the selection process. 

SGInnovate and the Helix Immersion Programme industry partners expect to confirm and award the traineeships with selected candidates within 3 months after closing of applications. 

Please apply for the programme on the website

The stipend will be paid directly to you by the industry partner company. It will not include CPF contributions.  

The list of employee benefits available to trainees will be subject to the agreement signed by SGInnovate and the industry partner company. SGInnovate will ensure all agreements are aligned with standard terms and conditions for traineeships according to Singapore Law. 

In the event of early termination of the traineeship, there will be a collective appraisal and decision-making process between SGInnovate and the industry partner company to determine if a penalty will be levied.  

Full-time roles with the industry partner company may be available to trainees upon completion of the programme, but are not guaranteed. Offers of full-time roles will also depend on additional factors including the performance of the trainee throughout the programme, company priorities etc.  

SGInnovate will work with the individual trainee and industry partner companies to understand why full-time roles were not offered. Where performance of the trainee is not a factor, SGInnovate will continue to assist trainees in their search for appropriate placements through its Talent network and resources.  

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