SGInnovate Talent Development: Courses on AI, Cybersecurity and More

Artificial Intelligence

  • SGInnovate Singapore

    Advisory on Coronavirus Disease 2019

    Following the Singapore Government’s announcement on 7 Feb raising the DORSCON level of COVID-19 to Orange, and in consultation with our partners, SGInnovate has been suspending our physical events and large workshops until further notice. In the meantime, we are introducing online events and virtual initiatives to continue sustaining ecosystem engagements and discussions on Deep Tech.

    We are confident that all will be well, and will keep you posted as soon as it is deemed safe to resume hosting our physical events and workshops.

  • Deep Learning Jumpstart Workshop

    The Jumpstart Workshop is the first module of the Deep Learning Developer Series, a prerequisite to the advanced Deep Learning modules. It goes through both the overall concepts and techniques for not only understanding but building a variety of Deep Learning models for tabular data, image data, audio data and text data.

  • Advanced Computer Vision with Deep Learning

    In this module, we go beyond the basic skills taught in module one such as Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs). This would expand your ability to build modern image networks using a variety of architectures and for applications beyond simple classification.

  • Advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Temporal Sequence Processing

    In this module, we dive deeper into some of the latest Deep Learning techniques for text and time series applications.

  • Unsupervised, Self-Supervised and Reinforcement Learning

    In this module, we dive deeper into some of the latest techniques for using Deep Learning through Unsupervised, Self-Supervised and Reinforcement Learning.

  • Building AI Applications for the Real World

    In this module, we will focus on building and training basic neural networks, getting these models into production in real-world applications such as cloud, mobile and even on hardware devices.

  • Machine Learning For Humans: How to think like a Data Scientist

    “Machine Learning for Humans” seeks to develop the cognitive capacities of participants, to help them think like a Data Scientist. These include learning to frame problem statements using the lens of Data Science, understanding the data requirements, and designing and selecting the most appropriate Machine Learning models that can be used to address various problem statements. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion issued by Ngee Ann Polytechnic.



    • Cybersecurity Industrial Control Systems Engineer

      Cybersecurity Industrial Control Systems Engineer

      Through this three-day workshop, you will gain a deeper understanding of the OT Cybersecurity ecosystem as we touch on concepts like embedded systems, protocols fundamentals, known vulnerabilities discovery, forensic investigation and process exploitation.

    • Principles and Engineering of Secure Solutions

      Designed for anyone who has little or no prior knowledge in Cybersecurity, this course will equip you and your organisation with defence mechanisms to mitigate the risks of cyber vulnerability; allowing you to react to present and future Cybersecurity challenges.

    • Principles of Information Security Controls

      Throughout this workshop, you will be able to identify critical security risks and problems posed by new technologies and business practices and define security specifications which fulfil security objectives and functional requirements.