SGInnovate Talent Development: Courses on AI, Cybersecurity and More

Artificial Intelligence



    • Cybersecurity Industrial Control Systems Engineer

      Cybersecurity Industrial Control Systems Engineer

      Through this three-day workshop, you will gain a deeper understanding of the OT Cybersecurity ecosystem as we touch on concepts like embedded systems, protocols fundamentals, known vulnerabilities discovery, forensic investigation and process exploitation.

    • Hands-on Cyber Exercise for Defenders

      Hands-on Cyber Exercise for Defenders

      Cyber exercises test the incident response and/or technical response capability of an organisation. They allow organisations to develop and rehearse their incident response procedures and/or technical capability in a safe and controlled manner. They offer a pragmatic way to understand and benchmark the impact of a Cybersecurity incident and allow performance and improvements to be objectively assessed.

    • Principles and Engineering of Secure Solutions

      Designed for anyone who has little or no prior knowledge in Cybersecurity, this course will equip you and your organisation with defence mechanisms to mitigate the risks of cyber vulnerability; allowing you to react to present and future Cybersecurity challenges.

    • Principles of Information Security Controls

      Throughout this workshop, you will be able to identify critical security risks and problems posed by new technologies and business practices and define security specifications which fulfil security objectives and functional requirements.