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  • Comet: SGInnovate’s Talent Networking Event

    At Comet, a select group of talent like yourself would be able to connect with Singapore’s forefront deep tech companies over one evening through a series of “speed-dating” conversations. Through these interactions, you could potentially find your next impactful role with companies in areas of AI, MedTech, robotics, energy and mobility solutions. 

    Topics: Talent

  • Lessons from Rising Global Markets

    With the world continuously on the move for innovation and growth, it causes the emergence of new markets. Just how do we keep up with the pace of rising global markets? Join us in a fireside chat as we discuss the exciting possibilities of emerging markets, and startup landscapes around the world.

    Topics: Startups, Others

  • AI Readly

    This reading group is suited for AI researchers, academics and advanced practitioners to discuss top recent AI-related arXiv preprint papers. 

    Topics: Others

  • Blockchain Programming for Programmers – Session 8

    This is a hands-on event - please come with laptops. We will be programming. At the end of the session, you should have working code. 

    Topics: Blockchain

  • Legal Masterclass for Angels

    It may be hard to believe, but with the amount of information available in the world today, that one of the biggest challenges angels worldwide face still lies in understanding and navigating the world of legalities of a contract when investing in a startup. As such, many angels face a myriad of issues and obstacles down the road, which could have been prevented with proper education and guidance. 

    Topics: Investments

  • Startup Stories: Deep Tech Built from Singapore for the World

    Forget metrics like Gross Merchandise Value, Conversions and Traffic Growth. The founders and senior executives of Deep Technology companies in Singapore, covering the fields of space tech, medtech, autonomous vehicles, show how their companies offer a direct benefit to the environment, healthcare and urban planning. Learn how DeepTech is changing the world — for the better.

    Topics: Startups

  • The Power of Artificial Intelligence in Sales

    Join GA for a talk on how to get actionable insights about how businesses benefit and grow by creating personalised experiences for their customers using data and machine learning.

    Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics

  • Morning Pitch Singapore: AI

    Morning Pitch is a pitching platform hosted by Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support. This platform helps start-ups form business alliances and partnerships with large corporations, corporate venture capital and venture capital firms. The focus on this Morning Pitch on 13 July 2018 is AI.

    Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics, Startups

  • Technology That Matters: Epi-everything: Convergent Technologies Yield New Opportunities Beyond the Genome

    Humans are defined by the set of ~20,000 genes that comprise the genome, which is often viewed as a human parts list – the “what” of molecular biology. The central dogma of molecular biology then describes “how” these genes are expressed: they are transcribed into messenger RNAs that are translated into proteins.  But it says nothing about the “when” or “how much” of gene expression. 

    Topics: Data Science / Data Analytics

  • Deep Learning Jump-Start Workshop

    Together with our Deep Tech Nexus partner, Red Dragon AI, SGInnovate would like to present the Deep Learning Developer Series. 

    Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics

  • Write Your Name to the Blockchain: The Simple Guide to Writing your First Smart Contract

    This workshop is a hands-on walkthrough demo, where you will write your name to the blockchain (either the real one, or the testnet). We will be introducing you to the core concepts of blockchains, and the real practical knowledge required to successfully develop and deploy a contract to two blockchains.

    Topics: Blockchain

  • Blockchain Evening: Big Data with Blockchain

    Quadrant Protocol would like to introduce their blockchain based protocol to the local big data/data science community, to help enhance the understanding of data-related issues that the community faces, and showcase how their protocol can help make the community do their jobs more easily.

    Topics: Blockchain