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  • Blockchain Research And Industry Introduction Workshop

    This full-day workshop covers the foundations of blockchain research and application, from academic researchers and industry people with real-world examples.

    Topics: Blockchain

  • Python for Beginners

    Explore the intersection of coding and data with General Assembly. During our Python-focused introductory workshop, you’ll learn to harness the power of an essential programming language for data scientists.

    Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics

  • From Here To AI: Enterprise Class, Scalable Deep Learning

    Explore the benefits of using open source frameworks like TensorFlow and Caffe together with toolsets that provides robust end-to-end workflow support for deep learning application logic. This includes the complete lifecycle management from installation and configuration, data ingest and preparation, building, optimizing, and training the model, to inference, testing, and moving the model into production. Taking advantage of a distributed architecture, this enables your teams to quickly iterate through the training cycle on more data to continuously improve the model over time.

    Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics

  • Deep Learning Jump-Start Workshop

    SGInnovate partners with Red Dragon AI to introduce to you - Deep Learning Developer Series. Back by popular demand, the Deep Learning Jump-start workshop is the first module of the Deep Learning Developer Series. This 2-days packed workshop is designed to introduce you to the skills needed to start your journey as a Deep Learning Developer. By the end of the workshop, expect to be empowered with the ability to take your new found Deep Learning knowledge and apply it in your job/projects straight away!

    Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics

  • Dialogue: Jumpstart Your Career In Deep Learning

    Join us in a fireside chat with our Google Developer Experts as we talk about the AI career path into Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Our veteran speakers will weigh in and give you insights into their roles, help you understand the skills and tools needed to get there and inspire you to venture into the exciting world of AI.

    Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics

  • Machine Learning Using Python

    This two day workshop will introduce students to data exploration and machine learning techniques. Students will learn about the data science workflow and will practice exploring and visualising data using Python and built-in libraries. Students will also explore the differences between supervised and unsupervised learning techniques and practice creating predictive regression models.

    Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics

  • Social Innovation Festival Hackathon

    In Singapore's first grounds-up social innovation hackathon, participants will work on six exciting and meaningful challenge statements sourced from community partners in Leng Kee constituency. Challenge statements will address issues faced by the elderly, people with disabilities, and families in crisis.

    Topics: Others

  • Blockchain 101: Futureproof Your Business

    From its inception on 31 October 2008, Bitcoin aimed to become a peer-to-peer decentralized, and safe monetary system. Since then, much speculation and hype ensued. In parallel, businesses have recognized that there is great potential in decentralization as it is not limited to only improving and revolutionizing financial systems, but can also be used in all sorts of centralized, isolated and otherwise not interconnected industries and markets. 

    Topics: Blockchain

  • Mental Health, Wellbeing & Artificial Intelligence

    In mental health care and wellbeing, AI and related technologies (like machine learning) can be used to gain personalized insights based on an individual’s current mental status, lifestyle, behavior, and genetic information. Join our panel of experts for an evening exploring how data, AI, and technology are redesigning the mental health industry.

    Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics

  • Intro to Python Programming

    Whether you have experience in programming or are looking to get started for the first time, getting involved in the Python community will put you on the fast track to honing your skills. In this class, you’ll learn all about Python - including how to get started, what advantages and disadvantages Python provides as a programming language, the essentials of programming in Python, and what tools are available to build applications in Python.

    Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics

  • Must-Win Battles in the Race for AI

    The global AI landscape is increasingly crowded and competitive, as cities and countries turn to artificial intelligence to power education, health and economic growth. Much is at stake for governments, industry and citizenry as the rise of the machine percolates society. And with two major players (USA and China) dominating the landscape, where does the rest of the world stand? Hear from Dr Ieva Martinkenaite from Telenor Group, an AI expert appointed to the EU High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence (AI HLG), as she shares with us the must-win battles and ethical dilemmas in this new world.

    Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics

  • BlockFellows Singapore Hub

    BlockFellows is a community initiative by TokenScore to train up more blockchain experts and competent blockchain programmers for free. We are partnering with Indorse and SGInnovate to run the Singapore Hub of BlockFellows, with weekly meetups for the Advanced Blockchain Programming fellowship running for 15 weeks, led by volunteer expert mentors.

    Topics: Blockchain