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  • Connecting Physical and Digital Worlds with AI

    In this event, we will ask the following questions in a bid to solve key challenges of tokenising the physical world with AI, to end counterfeits, false data and manipulation across industries:

    Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics, Blockchain, MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech, Data Science / Data Analytics

  • Real World Blockchain Supply Chain Use Cases

    This is a series of workshops where we explore how Blockchain is applied in the real world. In this workshop, we will be exploring how blockchain can be applied in the supply chain. We will look at how IBM & Maersk and Provenance make use of Blockchain to add transparency to their supply chain.

    Topics: Blockchain

  • How AI & Blockchain Startups are Leveraging Taiwan

    Seems like the secret’s out - prominent internet startups across Southeast Asia, including Shopee, Carousell, HonestBee and Shopback, are all increasingly prioritising Taiwan to not only tap into its sizeable digital economy but to also leverage its high-tech talent pool. In this past half-year alone, tech companies such as Google, Microsoft and IBM have earmarked Taiwan as a regional R&D hub for cultivating cutting-edge technologies like AI and blockchain. 

    Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics, Blockchain

  • Blockchain for Enterprise Workshop

    Designed for senior corporate executives, our first by-invitation Blockchain for Enterprise Workshop on 13 November features a spotlight on how the technology underlying bitcoin is changing business, money and the world. 

    Topics: Blockchain

  • Singapore and Netherlands - A Joint Deep Tech Startup Force?!

    What is great about the deep tech ecosystem in Singapore? And in the Netherlands? What can we learn from each other? What are the newest trends? Which start-ups have shown the most potential this year? Who are the front-runners? How can we collaborate?

    Topics: Blockchain, Startups

  • Technical Seminar on Building Blocks: Introduction to Blockchain

    Build the foundations for an exciting and lucrative career in blockchain and distributed ledger technology. Together with Kingsland University – School of Blockchain and Ngee Ann Polytechnic, SGInnovate is pleased to introduce a 1 Day Technical Seminar on Building Blocks: Introduction to Blockchain. 

    Topics: Blockchain

  • Future Economy: Innovating Supply Chain and Logistics in Singapore

    The number of blockchain applications is endless, and transportation, logistics, and supply chain management is one of the key industries that will be revolutionized by blockchain technology. In this session, we discuss how blockchain technology is able to resolve some of the problems the transportation and supply chain industry currently face.

    Topics: Blockchain

  • Blockchain in Energy: A Dream or Reality?

    Blockchain offers solutions to number of pressing issues related to energy sector’s transformation with decentralisation and digitalisation. Potentially lower transaction costs, tracking of decentralised transactions and energy exchanges, combined with monetary value. Though, how close are we to actual implementation on the ground? This joint session between Enrupt, an open innovation company for the energy sector and SGInnovate will explore the current status of various blockchain applications and how they can benefit energy producers and consumers. Is it a dream or reality?

    Topics: Blockchain

  • Pragmatic Issues in Solidity Development: Security and Exploits

    Solidity, the main programming language for Ethereum and other EVM-emulation chains like QTUM, is subject to many quirks. Building on Solidity can therefore be dangerous for the neophyte programmer without a knowledge of standardized libraries and safe patterns. In this talk, we'll go through several common exploits on Solidity.

    Topics: Blockchain

  • EOS Programming Workshop

    Propine Capital is organising a series of hands-on blockchain programming workshop once every month for the community. 

    Topics: Blockchain

  • Evolution of Crypto Market - by DUO Network

    DUO Network (www.duo.network) is pleased to announce a seminar on Evolution of Crypto Market: Liquidity, Products & Infrastructure. Hear it from the experts! We have invited major league hedge funds & market makers from New York, Beijing and Singapore to discuss crypto markets from a trading perspective in terms of the trading venues, products and instruments.

    Topics: Blockchain

  • Blockchain Research And Industry Introduction Workshop

    This full-day workshop covers the foundations of blockchain research and application, from academic researchers and industry people with real-world examples.

    Topics: Blockchain