Blockchain Night @SGInnovate
July 31 2017


Blockchain Night @SGInnovate

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Join us as we have Dr. Julian Hosp from TenX, JC Awe from TTDocks and Darvin Kurniawan from REIDAO who will be sharing their thoughts with the blockchain community.


Topic includes:

a) How to do an ICO the proper way 

b) TTDocks Blockchain Solutions for Shipping & Logistics industries

c) Real Asset Backed Token - an Alternative Fundraising Structure


Speakers Bio:

Dr. Julian Hosp

Originally being from Austria, 31 year old Dr. Julian Hosp was a professional kitesurfer in his early years, ranking among the top 10 in the world. He studied medicine and worked as a trauma surgeon. Missing the freedoms he had as a professional athlete, he decided to quit his medical career and move to Asia to start his own business. Having heard about Bitcoin the first time in 2011 from a patient, he co-founded the Singapore based Fintech company TenX in 2015. He is considered as one of the most valued speakers and influencers in the blockchain ecosystem and was named as one of the top Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Experts to Follow by Influencive in 2017.


JC Awe

Ever since attending Scaling Bitcoin Hong Kong in 2015 and met BTC China and The Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong, JC has been firmly believing in and advocating cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

JC had 16 years of IT management & operations in investment banking and financial sector. JC Awe had worked with CSL, PCCW-HKT & Credit Agricole CIB station at Hong Kong branch before. He had been an advocate in Blockchain Technologies in since Scaling Bitcoin 2015 back in Hong Kong.


Darvin Kurniawan

Darvin is the CEO and Co-founder of Singapore-based blockchain startup REIDAO. REIDAO is creating digital assets backed by real estate, opening up a new way in getting exposure to real estate opportunities.


Topics: Blockchain