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Professional Certificate in Digital Project Management


May 27 2024, Monday - Jun 28 2024, FridaySee Schedule below for times (GMT +8:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore


11 Research Link, COM 3, 119391

, Singapore



The Professional Certificate in Project Management Programme is designed to furnish learners with a comprehensive suite of competencies crucial for effective project management. Throughout this programme, learners will master the art of conducting cost-benefit analyses, adeptly developing and scrutinizing project plans, and accurately estimating budgetary needs while evaluating consolidated project plans. They will navigate governance requirements skillfully and proactively address shifts in the business environment. From adeptly managing project closure and meticulously documenting project scope, changes, and issues to skillfully overseeing team management, budget allocation, and manpower resources, learners will emerge equipped to drive performance management practices and facilitate seamless discussions, problem-solving, and conflict resolution within project contexts. This certificate is your pathway to becoming a proficient project manager, primed to excel in dynamic professional landscapes.

Course Description & Learning Outcomes

This PC will equip learners with the following competencies:

  • How to conduct cost-benefit analysis

  • How to develop project plan and review project plans

  • How to estimate budgetary needs, and assess consolidated project plans.

  • How to manage governance requirements

  • How to evaluate and address business environment changes

  • How to manage project closure, document project scope, changes and issues, and team management.

  • How to manage project budget, work allocations, and manpower resources,

  • How to drive performance management practices

  • How to facilitate discussions, problem solving, and conflict resolution.

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Start Date: 27 May 2024, Monday
End Date: 28 Jun 2024, Friday

Location: 11 Research Link, COM 3, 119391


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