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The learning opportunities that SGInnovate is putting together would be helpful for individuals to pick up core competencies to be part of the (Deep Tech) movement.
Richard Koh
Richard Koh

Chief Technology Officer Microsoft Singapore

SGInnovate has been extremely helpful in my career development. Through their platform and panels, I have gained predominant knowledge and excellent guidance, which enabled me to drive the data and AI initiatives at Lazada.
Muni Vinay Kamisetty
Muni Vinay Kamisetty

Senior Vice President, Regional Head of Data and AI – Enterprise Intelligence Lazada Group

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  • Ten Years of Industry 4.0: The Next Wave of Innovation and Collaboration

    Originated in 2011 from Germany, the term Industry 4.0 encompasses “new technologies that combine the physical, digital and biological worlds, impacting all disciplines, economies and industries” as outlined by Professor Klaus Schwab in his book 'The Fourth Industrial Revolution'. Ten years on, the global manufacturing industry has been developing and adopting many Industry 4.0 innovations – industrial IoT, artificial intelligence, autonomous technologies, additive manufacturing, etc. It is worth recognising that Industry 4.0 is more than just technology-driven change. It is an opportunity for leaders, policy-makers, researchers and innovators to harness converging technologies that not only build smart factories but also augment human capabilities.

    Topics: AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning, Industry 4.0 and Robotics, Startup and Corporate Open Innovation

    Industry: Others

  • Innovation Partnerships: China and Singapore

    In 2019, Singapore became China's largest foreign direct investment destination country. The number of Chinese companies operating in Singapore is also growing. Hence the potential for local startups seeking growth opportunities with these companies is immense.

    Topics: Investments, Startup and Corporate Open Innovation, Others

    Industry: Others

  • AI and the Future of Education

    The World Economic Forum estimates that 50% of the workforce needs reskilling in the next decade. This is a massive challenge, and it will happen on a global scale. Under the hood, many things are changing. Where in the past, education relied on a one-size-fits-all, study-once model, the future of education seems to be more personalised and continuous in nature.
    In this panel discussion, we will therefore discuss how AI is changing the way we learn. We will look specifically at how reskilling can become a precision game, how models can infer skills of workers from information, how proximity between jobs can be calculated, and how policymakers, both corporate and global, aim to create value with this technology.

    Topics: AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning, Talent and Mentoring

    Industry: Others

  • Science and Technology: The Cornerstone of Singapore’s Green Future

    The Singapore Green Plan 2030 seeks to tackle climate change by ensuring Singapore achieve its long-term net-zero emissions goals so as to strengthen Singapore’s commitments under the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. In order to achieve these goals, promoting innovation under the RIE2025 plan will be vital to ensure developments in science and sustainable technologies, and will be a key enabler in establishing Singapore as a leading hub for sustainability.  
    Join key players and thought leaders as they discuss the role of research and development in strengthening areas in Singapore such as sustainable packaging, decarbonisation, waste upcycling, water treatment and urban farming.

    Topics: Deep Tech for Good, Sustainability

    Industry: Others

  • Leaders’ Dialogue: The Role of Science Leaders in the Face of Increasingly Complex Global Challenges

    Globally, urgent issues such as COVID-19 and climate change has derailed many countries' research and development roadmaps. Against a volatile geopolitical landscape and growing economic uncertainty, how has the role of leaders in the scientific community evolved to face these increasingly complex global challenges?
    In this wide-ranging, frank conversation moderated by Dr Lim Jui of SGInnovate, hear from Dr Cathy Foley, Australia's Chief Scientist and Prof Low Teck Seng, CEO, National Research Foundation Singapore (NRF) as they touch on the many changing expectations of senior leaders - from prioritising the development of evidence-based policies in response to global challenges to making STEM education more inclusive.

    Topics: Deep Tech for Good, Others

    Industry: Others

  • Nature-based Solutions as a Force Towards A Carbon Neutral Future

    In the race to achieve the ever-increasing ambitions towards net-zero emissions, the voluntary carbon market is gaining momentum with keen buyers seeking to offset the climate footprint of their fossil fuels. Nature-based Solutions (NbS) - as actions that harness the power of nature to tackle social and environmental challenges - is a core foundation to achieving carbon neutrality for its way to build resilience to the consequences of warmer temperatures whilst helping to limit further rises by acting as carbon sinks.

    Topics: AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning, Deep Tech for Good, Sustainability, Sustainability

    Industry: Others