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Wittaya Aqua Workshop: Unlocking Aquaculture Efficiency Through Nutrition and Feed!


Apr 18 2024, Thursday09:30 AM - 03:30 PM (GMT +8:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore


32 Carpenter Street, 059911

, Singapore



Empowering Singapore's Aquaculture Research Community 

Join Wittaya Aqua, a leading innovator in aquafeed nutrition and farm data analytics, for a one-day workshop designed to equip Singapore's research community with the latest knowledge and tools. This interactive session is perfect for researchers, scientists, R&D personnel, and technically savvy farm managers seeking to: 

  • Deepen your understanding of what constitutes high-quality aquafeed and its crucial role in fish health, growth, and overall farm performance. 

  • Navigate the complexities of feed management: Optimize feed rates, explore the evolving landscape of raw materials, and prioritize safety and quality control. 

  • Master farm data collection & analysis best practices: Learn proven strategies to optimize data collection, streamline analysis, and unlock valuable insights that can revolutionize farm management and resource efficiency. 

  • Discover powerful tools for success: Explore Wittaya's innovative software solutions through interactive demonstrations. 

This workshop will equip you with the knowledge and tools to: 

  • Develop cost-effective and sustainable feed formulations. 

  • Enhance fish growth and improve feed conversion ratios (FCR)

  • Enhance farm productivity and profitability using data. 

  • Contribute to a more sustainable and data-driven future for Singapore's aquaculture industry. 

Workshop Highlights: 

  • Expert-Led Presentations: Gain insights from Ken Dirst, Wittaya Aqua's Aqua Technical Specialist in Asia, who brings over 40 years of experience in commercial aquafeed and aquaculture production. 

  • Interactive sessions: Delve into key topics like protein sources, digestibility, controlled vs. farm trials, and the role of functional feeds. 

  • Live Q&A sessions: Engage directly with Ken and address your specific research inquiries. 

  • Data collection strategies: Gain insights into identifying crucial parameters, ensuring data accuracy, and leveraging analysis for informed decision-making. 

  • Networking opportunities: Connect with fellow researchers and industry professionals to share knowledge and foster collaboration. 

Don't miss this opportunity to: 

  • Elevate your research by incorporating advanced aquafeed quality principles. 

  • Contribute to Singapore's aquaculture future by promoting sustainable and efficient practices. 

  • Discover the innovative solutions offered by Wittaya Aqua. 

Limited seats available! Register now! 

#WittayaAquaWorkshop #SGAquaculture #AquafeedQuality 

Date: April 18th 

  • Time: 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM (with lunch break) 

  • Location: SGInnovate 

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Date: 18 Apr 2024, Thursday
Time: 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM (GMT +8:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore
Location: 32 Carpenter Street, 059911


Speaker's Profile:

Ken Dirst, Aqua Tech Specialist Asia, Wittaya Aqua
Ken Dirst

- MSc in Aquaculture - 40 years of experience in commercial shrimp and tilapia production - Proficient in various production systems - 12 years as a feed formulator and researcher - Developed commercial feed formulations for over 20 species across Asia and the Americas - Currently Residing in Malaysia

Speaker's Profile:

Dr. Dominique P. Bureau, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer (CSO), Wittaya Aqua
Dr. Dominique P. Bureau

- PhD in Nutrition Sciences - Head of Fish Nutrition Research Laboratory at University of Guelph​ - 30+ years of experience in aquaculture, animal nutrition, feed ingredient evaluation, and feed formulation​ - Developed leading mathematical models for aquaculture production, nutrition and environmental management