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Green Mobility Series: Leading the Green Revolution in Decarbonising Mobility


Nov 08 2023, Wednesday03:00 PM - 05:30 PM (GMT +8:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore


32 Carpenter Street, 059911

, Singapore



The inaugural Green Mobility Series - presented by EVCo and SGInnovate aims to drive the importance and benefits of going green while enabling deep tech startups to stay focused on their core products and services.

Leading the Green Revolution in Decarbonising Mobility Join us as we explore how deep tech startups can embrace sustainability within the context of decarbonising mobility. In a tech landscape known for its substantial carbon footprint, decarbonisation is imperative to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and address the global climate crisis. Tech companies, including startups, play a pivotal role in shaping sustainable solutions and can enhance their brand image, attract environmentally conscious customers, and open new revenue streams. Titled Green Mobility Series presented by SGInnovate and EVCo, this first of the inaugural series sheds light on the importance of sustainability and also demonstrates how deep tech startups can actively participate in this journey: Startups are both implementers and partners in co-innovation within the green mobility space. By highlighting the significance of sustainability, simplifying carbon measurement, and emission reduction, we aim to empower startups in staying focused on their core products and services while pioneering sustainability in decarbonising mobility.


Date: 08 Nov 2023, Wednesday
Time: 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM (GMT +8:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore
Location: 32 Carpenter Street, 059911


Speaker's Profile:

Mr Fuji Foo, Chief Executive Officer, EVCo
Mr Fuji Foo

Fuji Foo is Chief Executive Officer at EVCo, the pioneer electric-Mobility-as-a-Service (eMaaS) provider in the region that focuses on accelerating decarbonisation with digitalisation and data. He is responsible for spearheading the development of the Electric Mobility-as-a-Service (eMaaS) ecosystem in ASEAN, Australia, and New Zealand. As a trusted mobility decarbonisation partner, EVCo offers end-to-end e-mobility solutions ranging from the leasing and maintenance of electric vehicles, vehicle charging, green financing, and operational optimisation, all delivered through an integrated digital platform. Prior to joining EVCo, Fuji was Chief Digital Officer at Certis Group, Asia’s leading security services provider. During his tenure, Fuji played a key role in driving business growth through digitalisation and supported the execution of Certis’ key strategies with emerging technologies and new organisational competencies.

Speaker's Profile:

Ms Mari Matsushita, Chief Product Officer, noco-noco Pte. Ltd
Ms Mari Matsushita

Mari brings extensive experience in internet business development across sales, marketing, market research, web production and product management functions for organizations including JEPICO Corporation, IMJ Corporation and Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation. She has also been involved in growing start-ups in the semiconductor industry. She has been CPO of noco-noco since October 2022 and the General Manager of the platform development team of 3DOM Alliance since April 2021. As CPO, she works closely with the Research & Development team and has overseen the development of the X-SEPA™️ battery technology. Prior to noco-noco, Mari has worked in domestic and international industries. Mari holds a Bachelor of Arts in international legal study from Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan.

Speaker's Profile:

Dr Tobias Massier, Principal Scientist, Department Head EPSG, TUMCREATE
Dr Tobias Massier

Throughout his career, Tobias has actively contributed to various research and industry initiatives. His notable projects involve advising governmental agencies on Singapore's electric road transport system, developing concepts for micro-grids powered by intermittent energy sources and flexible loads, and harnessing Singapore's geothermal potential. As of October 2022, Tobias has taken on the role of coordinator for a groundbreaking TUMCREATE project focused on Singapore's journey to carbon neutrality. This initiative aims to devise innovative solutions for Singapore's low-carbon energy supply in the future. Tobias Massier's research interests encompass the integration of electric vehicles and renewable energies into the power grid, exploring future energy supply possibilities, energy systems and modeling, and conducting life cycle assessments.

Speaker's Profile:

Mr Marc Stuart, Founding Partner and CEO, Allotrope Partners
Mr Marc Stuart

Marc is the founder of Allotrope Partners and a recognized leader in the world of international emissions trading and low carbon finance. He has significant business development expertise and an in-depth technical understanding of the complexities of project development and the need for simplified and transparent procedures to enable large-scale investment. Marc has been involved in the global emission reduction economy since 1993 and co-founded EcoSecurities in 1997. He has served on the board of Verra (previously Verified Carbon Standard) since its inception in 2008 and chairs the Risks and Opportunities Committee. He is also on the advisory board of the Grantham Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, the London School of Economics, and the Claremont Graduate University.

Moderator's Profile:

Jerry Lui, Assistant Director, Partnerships, SGInnovate
Jerry Lui

Within SGInnovate, Jerry fosters collaborations and partnerships to develop the Deep Tech ecosystem in the sustainability and advanced manufacturing domains. His responsibilities include community strategies, nurturing networks, facilitating discussions, and devising impactful programmes. Prior to SGInnovate, Jerry was involved in strategic partnerships in the Singapore Institute of Technology, and catalysing energy R&D and deployments in the Energy Market Authority of Singapore. Jerry's educational qualifications comprise a Master of Science in Management of Technology and a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, both obtained from the National University of Singapore (NUS).