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Culinary Horizons: Embracing New Tech in Food and Hospitality


Nov 09 2023, Thursday06:00 PM - 09:00 PM (GMT +8:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore


3 Ladyhill Road,, 258672

, Singapore



The event is set to be a dynamic and insightful exploration of the intersection between culinary arts, technology, and hospitality.

A panel session featuring industry experts discussing the latest technological advancements that can be used in the culinary and hospitality sectors. It promises to be a remarkable opportunity for knowledge exchange, networking, and showcasing your innovative solutions.

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Date: 09 Nov 2023, Thursday
Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (GMT +8:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore
Location: 3 Ladyhill Road, 258672


Speaker's Profile:

Joff Romoff, Vice President, Commercial Southeast Asia and Korea, IHG Hotels & Resorts
Joff Romoff

With over 25 years in the travel industry and wide-ranging experience across commercial disciplines, including global sales, revenue management, distribution, loyalty management, product development and data analytics, Joff is a highly experienced team leader and has managed large teams across multiple geographies. Joff is responsible for driving commercial performance and delivering a robust strategic road map for the business. Before joining IHG, he was Head of Global Travel Supplier and Partner Management at SAP Concur, responsible for all commercial aspects of the global portfolio of accommodation, payment, and aviation segments. Before that, he was Vice President of Commercial Distribution for Amadeus, responsible for the North American commercial organization; before that, he was Vice President of Market Management at Expedia, where he led a $3.9 billion lodging portfolio.

Speaker's Profile:

Florence Leong, Co-Founder and Director, KosmodeHealth
Florence Leong

Florence is an ex-pharma executive turned startup mentor, entrepreneur, and angel investor. Since leaving big pharma, Florence has been involved in venture capital consultancy. She is the Co-Founder of KosmodeHealth, a spin-off from NUS Food Science & Tech Department. KosmodeHealth's mission is to expand access to health from nature, impacting the Agrifood and Biomedical industry by repurposing food processing wastes for human nutrition and human health.

Speaker's Profile:

Arin Naidu, SciTech Engagement Specialist, Good Food Institute
Arin Naidu

Arin leads GFI APAC's efforts to expand the community and scientific talent pool in Asia's alternative protein sector. Combining his passion for science, education, and visual communication, Arin builds practical resources and pathways for those who want to enter and grow in this emerging industry. Before joining GFI, Arin worked in biomaterial startups for over four years, developing scaled-up products, patents, and publications with applications in alternative plastics, textiles, and food. Arin holds a master's degree in biomedical engineering from Tufts University."

Speaker's Profile:

Hiroyuki Hirano, Founding Partner, LESS & CO Pte Ltd
Hiroyuki Hirano

Hiroyuki has been involved in the environmental business sector for more than 10 years, specializing in import/export and business development, especially in Southeast Asia. He has experience working in various categories and sizes, from start-ups to Japanese listed companies in Singapore, as well as founding companies in Southeast Asia. He provides 'secrets of doing business in Southeast Asia' from her own perspective, mainly in Singapore.

Moderator's Profile:

Yasmin Abdeen, Visiting Lecturer, EHL Campus (Singapore)
Yasmin Abdeen

With over twenty years of experience, Yasmin is a multifaceted and accomplished professional with a rich and diverse education, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and global leadership background. As a visiting lecturer at EHL Campus (Singapore) and faculty advisor of the university's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Lab, Yasmin has been at the forefront of shaping future generations of entrepreneurs and innovators. Yasmin's entrepreneurial journey began when she co-founded an education consultancy two decades ago. Her extensive entrepreneurship experience has given her a unique perspective on emerging businesses' challenges and opportunities. Yasmin also serves on the advisory board of Strive2Thrive, an international social enterprise focused on sustainability. Her educational and entrepreneurial background, combined with her experience as an International President of an NGO, Yasmin brings a wealth of experience in global leadership, organisational governance, and sustainability.