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From Cohorts to Clinics: The New Landscape of Global Healthcare


Aug 21 2024, Wednesday - Aug 23 2024, FridaySee Schedule below for times (GMT +8:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore


One Farrer Hotel, 217562

, Singapore



Jointly organised by Precision Health Research, Singapore (PRECISE) and the International Health Cohorts Consortium (IHCC), the conference will bring together some 600 thought leaders, clinicians, scientists, biotechs, and patient advocacy associations from across the world, who are at the forefront of precision medicine and public health innovation.

Themed “From Cohorts to Clinics: The New Landscape of Global Healthcare”, the conference seeks to address the challenges and opportunities in translating advances in precision medicine into tangible enhancements in patient care and reshape the landscape of modern healthcare. It also aims to catalyse and promote cross-population cohort research and design cross-cohort pilot projects to address various global challenges.

The three-day conference will be held on-site from 21 to 23 August 2024 in Singapore.

Through this conference, we aim to:

Aim #1 Encourage Scientific Exchange: Thought leaders, policymakers, researchers, and industry stakeholders in the field of precision medicine will have a platform to share their insights, discoveries and findings, facilitating cross-pollination of ideas and methodologies.

Aim #2 Translate Precision Science to Impact Patients: Provide a unique opportunity to bring together the scientific community, clinicians, patients and other stakeholders to integrate scientific advances into patient care, reshaping the landscape of modern healthcare.

Aim #3 Showcase Global Advancements in Genomic and Precision Medicine: Showcase cutting-edge, cost-effective, and clinically effective healthcare solutions and demonstrate a collective dedication to making these advancements accessible, equitable, and beneficial across different populations worldwide.

Aim #4 Bring Diverse Perspectives on Global Challenges: Bring together esteemed speakers from global precision medicine programs across the globe, to provide diverse insights into the latest developments in this rapidly evolving field.

Aim #5 Champion Early-Career Scientists in Genomic and Precision Medicine: Provide emerging researchers with opportunities to showcase their work, gain invaluable insights from the frontiers of genomic research and precision medicine, and engage with leading professionals.

Aim #6 Enhance Cohort Studies and Biobank Integration for Translational Impact: Spotlight the critical role of extensive cohorts and biobanks in advancing genomic and precision medicine to ensure that innovations reach the bedside with ethical integrity and global inclusivity.


Start Date: 21 Aug 2024, Wednesday
End Date: 23 Aug 2024, Friday

Location: One Farrer Hotel, 217562