Insightful deep-tech blogs by Team SGInnovate
  • The power of exponential thinking

    To thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, individuals, companies and societies can no longer afford to think about the future in linear terms, says Mr Charlie Ang, ambassador for Singularity University’s Singapore Chapter and Founder of

  • Closing the gender gap

    With its forward-thinking work culture and supportive business community, Singapore is now a place where women entrepreneurs can thrive, say three founders.

  • SGInnovate turns one

    Dear Founder,
    We know running a startup isn’t for the faint of heart. Many aspects of entrepreneurship are, quite frankly, uncomfortable. Do too much and you might burn out. Move too slow and you might get left behind.


  • Tech for the 99 percent

    As technological disruption reshapes societies and economies the world over, industry leaders need to consider how technology can be harnessed for the public good, instead of just for a fortunate few.

  • The business of space

    Smaller, cheaper, lighter, leaner. Welcome to the ‘NewSpace’ era, where starting a space tech company doesn’t have to be rocket science.

  • Securing a digital future

    Not even the tech giants are immune to being hacked, said industry experts at a SGInnovate panel that discussed how security can be beefed up in cyberspace.