• Hitting the master SWITCH for innovation

    At #SWITCHSG17, innovators, entrepreneurs and many more gathered to reimagine the future—and to work on using technology to get us there.

  • Women in Tech Evening – Tech for social good

    Technology gave us 140 characters, but can it also help companies deliver social impact?

    Panellists question the floor at SGInnovate’s first Women in Tech Evening.

  • Keeping a finger on the pulse of healthcare

    Low cost hardware, combined with wireless technology and state-of-the-art cloud apps, will transform the business of healthcare, says Renew Group CEO Mr Ravinder Sajwan.

  • A digital shot in the arm for healthcare

    Artificial intelligence-enabled technologies are on the cusp of changing the practice of medicine for both doctors and patients.

  • AI: a digital Swiss Army knife

    Like the multi-purpose pocket tool, artificial intelligence is adding value across diverse industries from healthcare to financial services.

  • Teaching Microscopes to See - A Conversation with Professor Duane Loh

    Duane Loh is currently an Assistant Professor in Physics and Biology and a former LKY post-doctorate fellow at the National University of Singapore. He has a PhD in Computational Physics from Cornell University and completed his Bachelor of Science, majoring in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, at Harvey Mudd College. He recently held a discussion, titled “Training Computation Lenses for Analysing Nanoscale Phenomena” at SGInnovate.