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The Top 5 HealthTech Trends For 2020


Thu, 12/12/2019 - 12:00


Healthcare organisations are being forced to innovate like never before. As the industry becomes more consumer-focused, and consumers more tech-savvy, even the most traditional healthcare organisations will have to innovate.

Healthcare innovation can be classified in three main buckets: new clinical research-backed, scientific solutions that remain mainly the forte of the life sciences industry; technology disruptors such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Blockchain and; business model and process changes, that are rampant in healthcare as organisations cope with newer technologies and are forced to think in terms of value-based outcomes.

This report presents the top 5 Ecosystm predictions for the HealthTech market in 2020. It is based on the latest data from the global Ecosystm CX and AI studies, that are live and ongoing on the Ecosystm platform. SGInnovate is a supporting partner of this report.



About Ecosystm

Ecosystm is a new age Technology Research and Advisory Platform that brings together tech buyers, vendors and analysts into one integrated platform. Ecosystm aims to enable all companies to harness the power of real-time market data and insights from best in class analysts to make informed decisions.

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