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Flavourful Food: A Taste of Things to Come

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Biomedical research has long established that a poor diet, such as those low in fruits and vegetables yet rich in fatty foods, contributes significantly to chronic diseases like diabetes. In Singapore, one in three people is expected to develop the condition in their lifetime; this large and growing burden could incur costs from medical expenses to productivity losses, reaching as high as S$1.8 billion by 2050. On the bright side, consumers are becoming more conscious about their food choices and demanding healthier alternatives, adding fuel to a fast-growing ‘functional food’ industry.

SGInnovate’s Flavourful Food: A Taste of Things to Come, explores how organisations globally are wielding emerging technology to make healthy meals accessible and desirable to the masses, and highlights the most exciting developments in this space.

The paper draws on insights from in-depth interviews with experts in this sector, including corporates that are shaping the way food is manufactured and consumed, as well as startups that are creating new possibilities in food through the commercialisation of cutting-edge research and development.

Key topics covered within the Insights Paper:

  • The use of emerging technology to develop new innovations for flavour development 
  • How companies are refining texture in alternative proteins to improve consumer appeal
  • Innovative food formulations that businesses are developing to improve nutrition
  • Challenges that companies are facing in translating food innovations from lab to market

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Topics: FoodTech, SGInnovate Insights
Industry: AgriFood

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