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Deep Tech Investments - Realising the Potential


Wed, 09/04/2019 - 12:00


Globally, tens of millions of tech startups are founded every year, the majority of which fall into the Internet, mobile, e-commerce and collaboration/messaging sectors. After years of shying away from science, engineering, clean technology and medical technology startups, investors are beginning to invest in them. Collectively, these startups focus on what is called deep technology that is based on hard core scientific research and backed by patents.

But these startups face intense pressure to prove that their science can turn out huge revenues as quickly as the general tech hot consumer companies.

Deep technology, or Deep Tech, offers the chance to solve big societal problems in healthcare, urban mobility and other issues. But alongside the opportunities are the challenges. Commercialisation of scientific discoveries are high-risk ventures which require large investments. They also need “patient” capital, that is, investors must patiently wait for financial returns. But because it has challenges, it does not mean that Deep Tech is not a good investment territory.

This Insights Paper seeks to create greater awareness of the Deep Tech sector and its potential as an investment asset.



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