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Connecting Deep Tech talent and communities


Wed, 05/25/2022 - 12:00


Meet Amoz Yee. Amoz joined SGInnovate as an intern under the Talent Networking, now known as Talent, team in 2020 before returning as full-time staff in 2021. After many cross-functional collaborations with the digital marketing team, he was fascinated by the work they do and made the decision to join the Digital team early this year. We speak to him about his experience in the new role.


Amoz Yee was attending a networking session organised for Singapore tech companies, where SGInnovate was one of the participants, when he met Juliana Lim, Executive Director of Talent; and Veronica Puah, Director of Talent then [now Executive Director of Community].

It was there and then that he expressed his interest in learning more about Deep Tech.

After a series of interviews, Amoz joined SGInnovate in late 2020 as an intern before returning as a full-time employee in 2021 upon graduation.

“I supported the Talent team’s Outreach arm by driving new ways to expand our outreach to talent, ranging from students to working professionals, and connect them to startups in Deep Tech,” explained Amoz.

He added, “This largely involved building new connections with a diverse network of people and communities — from career offices, student groups to trade associations — to create new initiatives such as events and networking sessions."

Amoz has found that being able to connect with different groups of people has helped ease his transition to digital marketing.

His interest in digital marketing was piqued after working with them on marketing campaigns to promote talent programmes and hearing them share more about their work.

“I have always wanted to contribute and work in the tech industry. Now, I am even more aligned with my learning objectives, working closer to tech while still in a Deep Tech-related company,” he said. “My role now sees me reaching out to our audiences extensively to encourage them to be part of the Deep Tech community, like me. So, I see myself still contributing to the tech industry, just in a different way.”

What is the most exciting part about working with SGInnovate’s Digital team so far?

Apart from analytics, I am involved in driving the paid marketing campaigns for our stakeholders such as the programmes under our Talent Networking team. The analytics show how our audiences are responding to our campaigns and inform us on how we can optimise future campaigns; from the types of collaterals we develop, their design, and even the effectiveness of the messaging.

I will also be involved in updating and the design of our website. These projects require a good understanding of how our different audiences interact with our content so that we can create better campaigns that resonate with them and improve our platforms to offer a more seamless experience that provides what visitors are looking for.

Have you always been interested in STEM topics and Deep Tech?

I have always been interested in tech. Back when I was deciding on my career trajectory as a graduating student, I recognised the impact of tech in our everyday lives and found it exciting to be involved in a place that keeps creating more impact and job opportunities.

What has been your career highlight at SGInnovate so far?

Running New Frontier 2020 when I was working with the Talent Networking team. It was such a massive project to me at the time, especially since I was only less than three months into the job and we were aiming to attract over 1000 attendees, which we did!

What keeps you motivated at work? How do you channel this energy into tackling new challenges?

I am thankful for highly motivated colleagues who take pride in their work. I am still learning to ‘borrow’ some of that energy and hope to channel that into my work.

Do you have any passions or hobbies outside of work?

I hate running but ironically, I would like to think I am quite sporty. I play football and other sports I am terrible at but enjoy, including badminton, table tennis, beach volleyball, frisbee, and more.


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