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Over 200 Traineeship & Job Opportunities to Encourage More to Enter the Deep Tech Sector

Apr 06, 2021
  • SGInnovate's Virtual career showcase, “New Frontier: Build Your Deep Tech Future”, will feature job opportunities, training workshops, panel discussions and sharing sessions to attract more Singaporeans and PRs to explore careers in Deep Tech.
  • Two new tracks under the SGInnovate PowerX programme will be launched to extend full-time traineeships in Cybersecurity and Software & Product Development.


6 April 2021, Singapore: SGInnovate today announced an expansion of its talent initiatives to groom more local Deep Tech talent and encourage more Singaporeans and PRs to explore opportunities in Deep Tech companies. Its upcoming New Frontier 2021: Build Your Deep Tech Future, a virtual career showcase taking place on 10 April, will feature more than 200 job opportunities in over 40 Deep Tech companies. At the event set to be graced by Guest-of-Honour, Minister for Education, Mr Lawrence Wong, SGInnovate is also launching two new tracks under its PowerX full-time traineeship programme – PowerX Cybersecurity and PowerX Software & Product Development.

In line with the Budget 2021 focus on enabling talent transition into new opportunities, SGInnovate’s increased job offerings and initiatives are part of the organisation’s continuous efforts to attract and develop promising talent to grow the Deep Tech sector in Singapore.

This year’s New Frontier 2021, inspired by the ‘Maker Movement’, celebrates a learning-through- doing culture as well as innovation through knowledge-sharing within a community. The virtual career showcase will give participants a peek into the world of Deep Tech companies with workshops in areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Data Sciences and Design Thinking.

Over 40 Deep Tech companies such as DiMuto, MicroSec and Taiger will be offering positions including Software Development, Data Engineering, UI/UX design, operations, logistics and business development. Throughout the full-day event, attendees can also participate in expert panel discussions, tour virtual booths and interact with representatives from various companies.

“Deep Tech roles are in demand, and we need to attract more passionate individuals to join us to sustain Singapore’s growth amidst mounting global challenges,” said Dr Lim Jui, CEO, SGInnovate. “That is why, through this year’s New Frontier, we hope to ignite the aspirations of more local talent to consider Deep Tech careers and help them understand that it is not as daunting as it seems. After all, even the best innovators were once interns and trainees before they went on to make their tech discoveries – we hope to make Deep Tech accessible to more and for more to succeed with our expanded offering of training and job opportunities,” he added.

Following the successful roll-out of the inaugural run of PowerX Robotics in 2020, which attracted 200 applications with 10 traineeships awarded, SGInnovate’s PowerX, a full-time traineeship programme, will also return for a second run. This year, the programme will expand to include two new tracks in Cybersecurity and Software & Product Development, with the intention to groom future talent in these in-demand domains. (Please see Annex A for more details.)

SGInnovate’s PowerX is a Deep Tech traineeship programme that aims to equip local talent with the skills necessary for a career in Deep Tech. Supported by the National Research Foundation (NRF), as part of the Innovation & Enterprise Fellowship Programme (IFP) announced at Budget 2021, this traineeship programme aligns with Singapore’s growing focus on upskilling talent to contribute to high-demand tech translation roles.

“The expansion of PowerX is encouraging and certainly much-needed, especially in light of the shortage of Deep Tech talent currently, as well as the massive potential of Deep Tech to improve the lives of Singaporeans and transform our society. PowerX thus represents an investment by which Singapore can grow our own timber in Deep Tech,” said Professor Low Teck Seng, CEO, NRF. “As with PowerX Robotics last year, the new PowerX tracks in Cybersecurity and Software & Product Development will not only help our recent graduates and mid-career professionals gain in-demand skills and experience, but will also support companies looking to groom more local talent.”

To register for New Frontier 2021, please visit www.sginnovatenewfrontier.comNote: More quotes from PowerX trainees and partner companies are available in Appendix B.


Annex A: New PowerX Programme Tracks – Cybersecurity and Software & Product Development
Appendix B: Quotes from PowerX trainees and Partner Companies


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