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What does the programme offer?

PowerX Robotics is a 10-month intensive programme that aims to equip you with the essential competencies to embark on new career as an entry-level Robotics Software Engineer professional.

Guided by experienced mentors from this domain, you can look forward to an exciting career in Robotics.


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Robotics Programme Offer

Why join us


Intensive structured & on-the-job training (OJT)

with a capstone project to call your own


Monthly stipends of up to $4,000

& subsidised training fees


Acquire essential skills

for in-demand Robotics Software roles, with guidance from experienced technical mentors


Attractive career opportunities

as a Robotics Software Engineer in a partner company

Who should apply?



You should be a University Graduate preferably with a background in STEM.



You should have basic programming skills.



At least 1 year of full-time working experience in any field.

Breakdown of the Traineeship Programme


Phase 1

Modular Training
  • Full-time modular training with tests / projects
  • Capstone project
  • Integrated on-the-job training (OJT) with a partner company

Phase 2

Full-Time OJT
  • Full-time OJT with a partner company
  • Customised traineeship development plan
  • Mentored by tech leads


  • Potential full-time employment with a partner company
  • Opportunity with other hiring companies
10 months journey

Skills & Competencies You Will Gain


    Python for Robotics




    Robot Operating System (ROS)


    Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping (SLAM)

Powerx Robotics Skills

    Embedded Systems for Robotics


    Computer Vision


    Machine Learning

Application Process

Application Process
Robotics Timeline

For Talent, register your interest for the next run below.

For Talent

For Organisations, register your interest for the next run below.


Participating companies & organisations

Be attached to one of the following Robotics companies as a PowerX trainee to kickstart your new career. Work on projects with clear deliverables as you learn from domain experts within your attached company. Find out more about the partner companies and project(s) via the icons below.

Click here for a list of partner companies from previous run

Supporting Partners

Hear from our Domain Experts

Dr Zhang Yanliang

Chief Scientist, Weston Robot

It is challenging to get talent with the right set of skills we need for our growing robotics team. With this programme, we are confident that the talent will be trained and can take up a role in Robotics Software Engineering. This will also help the local robotics community flourish moving forward.

Dr Ang Marcelo H. Jr.

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Comprehensive training is especially useful in nurturing potential Robotics Engineers. More importantly, the learners must be passionate about Robotics and are interested to learn. That, coupled with hands-on training and tinkering experience, will make a good foundation for learners with no Robotics background.

Frequently asked questions

PowerX Robotics is a 10-month traineeship programme, comprising a 4-month structured modular training and a 6-month OJT with a partner company. 

Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs) who are passionate about building a career in Robotics and have: 


• A Bachelor’s degree, preferably in STEM; 

• Basic programming skills; and 

• At least 1 year of full-time working experience in any field. Experience with Robotics-related projects is a plus 

Trainees can expect to acquire the following essential skills throughout the traineeship, especially during Phase 1: 

• Python for Robotics 

• C++ 

• Robot Operating System (ROS) 

• Simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM) 

• Embedded Systems for Robotics 

• Machine Learning 

• Computer Vision 

The partner companies onboard PowerX Robotics are potential hiring companies, looking for Robotics Software Engineers to join them. The Trainee can expect a mentor with years of industry experience to guide them during their attachment to the programme. A list of partner companies can be found on the PowerX Robotics webpage. Trainees can find the companies’ overview and a short introduction on the projects that these companies are working on. 

PowerX is a full-time traineeship programme that focuses on helping Trainees acquire essential industry-specific skills and real-world experience for their new Deep Tech career in high-demand roles.

The programme is divided into two phases: 

• Phase 1 – Up to 6 months structured training integrated with short-term On- the-Job Training (OJT) in a partner company. Trainees will be required to complete a Capstone Project by the end of this phase. 

• Phase 2 – 6 months OJT with the same partner company. 

Trainees co-fund the structured training cost through a reduced monthly stipend during Phase 1. There is no cash payment required from the trainees for the structured training. 

There will be tests or assignments for each module during Phase 1. Trainees must pass all modules and complete the Capstone Project by the end of Phase 1 before they can proceed to Phase 2. This is to ensure all Trainees have acquired the necessary skills needed to continue with the traineeship. 

Additional support such as refresher courses and re-assessment opportunities will be provided for Trainees who fail the modular tests. However, if the Trainee is unable to complete the re-assessments successfully, the traineeship will be terminated and full sponsorship costs and stipends paid will be recovered from the Trainee. 

The Capstone Project is designed to evaluate the Trainee’s progress and competencies acquired in Phase 1. It also ensures that the Trainee demonstrates a good understanding of the essential skills, core competencies, and technical translational abilities. The Trainee will be required to use his/her newly acquired skillsets to complete the project, guided by their mentors from partner companies or trainers from IHLs. 

In Phase 2, Trainees will work full-time for a partner company. During the OJT, Trainees will be guided by a mentor from the partner company as they work on their designated project. Each mentor will set clear deliverables and follow a traineeship development plan for each Trainee. 

Partner companies will assess the Trainees’ competencies on a regular (e.g. monthly/bi-monthly) basis and make necessary adjustments upon mutual feedback by the Trainee and the mentor. Progress reports of the Trainees will be shared with SGInnovate and the Trainees to facilitate learning and development. 

Shortlisted applicants may indicate their interest in specific partner companies under the specific PowerX track, e.g. Cybersecurity, Software & Product Development, or Robotics. This indication will be taken into consideration during the selection process. Partner companies will evaluate the application based on the applicant’s technical & cognitive assessment results, interview outcomes, etc. – to determine if the Trainee is suitable for the organisation.

Trainees are strongly encouraged to remain in the same partner company during the entire programme for effective learning. Trainees are advised to consider a partner company’s projects, company culture and background before accepting their Letter of Offer (LOO) to be a part of the programme. This knowledge will ensure that the Trainees and the partner companies are aligned in expectations throughout the Programme. 

Trainees of the programme will receive a stipend of: 

• S$3,400 a month during the structured training in Phase 1; and 

• S$4,000 a month during the On-the-Job Training in Phase 2. 

During Phase 1, Trainees will be attending full-time structured training which is co- funded by trainees from their monthly stipends. The reduced stipend in Phase 1 signifies the Trainee’s payment for the training and commitment to acquire the necessary skills in preparation for their contribution to the partner company in Phase 

2. There is no cash payment required from the trainees for the structured training. 

Trainees will receive their monthly stipend at the end of each month of training. Their partner company will make the payment of stipends. 

As this is a traineeship, Trainees will not be required to contribute CPF. The programme’s main purpose is to develop talent and prepare them for a new Deep Tech career. As such, the partner companies will also not be required to pay CPF for the Trainee as there is no employer-employee relationship between the partner company and the Trainee. 

Partner companies are recommended to accord the Trainee a minimum of 7 days of paid annual leave and 7 days of paid medical leave per year of traineeship, to be pro- rated based on the traineeship period’s actual length. 

Trainees are expected to commit to the entire duration of the traineeship, which constitutes of a 9 to 12-month traineeship and a 12-month industry bond. Should Trainees not fulfil the requirements of the programme, full sponsorship costs and stipends paid will be recovered from the Trainee. 

Applications for the current run of PowerX can be found on the website - PowerX  CybersecurityPowerX RoboticsPowerX Software & Products Development

Interested participants can apply on the specific pages.

An example of the application process is as follows: 

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis once the application opens. 

The system does not allow applicants to edit his/her application after submission. Do email us if you need to amend your application. 

The PowerX programme is an intensive traineeship programme that requires individuals to be committed to the training. Trainees will be placed on accelerated full- time training throughout the entire traineeship and need undivided focus for effective learning and development. As such, Trainees should not undertake any other occupation or employment during the traineeship programme. Applicants who are currently employed must end their service with their current employer upon their acceptance into the programme. Proof of resignation should be provided along with the signed acceptance of offer. 

There are two stages to the process: 


• Stage 1: Technical Assessments 

Qualified applicants who meet the eligibility criteria will receive technical assessments to be completed. Applicants will be assessed on their programming skills and logical thinking as these are the basic skills necessary for Trainees during the programme. 


• Stage 2: Interviews 

Applicants who successfully pass the technical assessments will be invited to attend interview sessions with the partner company and SGInnovate. 


Following interview sessions, shortlisted applicants will be notified if they have been successfully offered a traineeship and will receive a Letter of Offer (LOO) to be signed and returned to SGInnovate. We regret that only shortlisted applicants will be notified. 

A full-time offer is not guaranteed upon admission into the programme. However, partner companies are strongly encouraged to offer Trainees a relevant full-time role in their company at the end of the traineeship, if the Trainee has met the competencies required and performed well. 


The Trainee is required to accept a full-time offer with a minimum monthly salary equivalent to the monthly OJT stipend and serve a minimum period of one (1) year within the company. Trainees are encouraged to maintain a good working relationship and performance with the partner company throughout the traineeship to facilitate full-time placement. 

For Trainees who are not offered a full-time role at the end of the programme, SGInnovate will help to facilitate placement matching and provide networking opportunities with other organisations in similar industries and/or hiring for similar roles. The Trainee will be required to continue working in the industry and/or role for a minimum period of one (1) year. 

If found suitable, Trainees will receive an offer 1-2 months before the end of the traineeship. Upon completion of the programme, Trainees are expected to commence work immediately. 

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