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Company applications close on 10 July 2022.


Power X Robotics is a 10-month intensive programme that aims to equip you with the essential competencies to embark on a new career as an entry-level Robotics Software Engineer professional. Guided by experienced mentors from this domain, you can look forward to an exciting career in Robotics.

Breakdown of the Traineeship Programme

You will embark on a 10-month full-time, subsidised programme in 2 phases. Following which, you would potentially be placed in a full-time Robotics role with a partner company.


Modular Training

  • Full-time modular training with tests / projects
  • Capstone project
  • Integrated on-the-job training (OJT) with a partner company


Full-Time OJT

  • Full-time OJT with a partner company
  • Customised traineeship development plan
  • Mentored by tech leads



  • Potential full-time employment with a partner company
  • Opportunity with other hiring companies

Skills & Competencies You Will Gain

You can expect to acquire the following skills and competencies during the traineeship. These are the fundamentals that will prepare you to work on Robotics projects with your partner company.

Python for Robotics
Robot Operating
System (ROS)
Simultaneous Localisation
And Mapping (SLAM)
Embedded Systems
for Robotics
Machine Learning
Computer Vision

Why Should You Join?

Attractive Stipend

Intensive structured & 
on-the-job training (OJT)

with a capstone project to call your own.

Attractive Stipend

Monthly stipends of up to $4,000
& subsidised training fees.

Attractive Stipend

Acquire essential skills
for in-demand Robotics Software roles, with guidance from experienced technical mentors.

Attractive Stipend

Attractive career opportunities
as a Robotics Software Engineer in a partner company.

Applications for Talent are now open, click the button below to apply now.


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Who Should Apply?

Attractive Stipend


You should be a Diploma Holder or University Graduate preferably with a background in STEM.

Attractive Stipend


You should have basic programming skills.

Attractive Stipend


You should have at least 1 year of full-time working experience in any field.

Partner Companies

Be attached to one of the following Robotics companies as a PowerX trainee to kickstart your new career. Work on projects with clear deliverables as you learn from domain experts within your attached company. Find out more about the partner companies and project(s) via the icons below.

Click here for a list of partner companies from previous run

Supporting Partners

Hear from our Domain Experts

It is challenging to get talent with the right set of skills we need for our growing robotics team. With this programme, we are confident that the talent will be trained and can take up a role in Robotics Software Engineering. This will also help the local robotics community flourish moving forward.
Dr Zhang Yanliang

Chief Scientist, Weston Robot

Comprehensive training is especially useful in nurturing potential Robotics Engineers. More importantly, the learners must be passionate about Robotics and are interested to learn. That, coupled with hands-on training and tinkering experience, will make a good foundation for learners with no Robotics background.
Dr Ang Marcelo H. Jr.

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Application Process

For Talent, register your interest for the next run below.


Applications for Talent are now open, click the button below to apply now.


For organisations, register your interest for the next run below


Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the FAQs for more details and eligibility criteria.