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Keep up to date with the latest news in Deep Tech – from Singapore to the world.

    Latest News in Deep Tech – from Singapore to The World.

  • Can venture capitalists help save the planet?

    Eco-business published an article on how venture capitalists can play a stronger role in supporting cleantech solutions which can help fight climate change and create sustainable cities. According to a report by Asian Development Bank, Asia will need more funding to bring about the solutions needed to fight or adapt to climate change. Less than 10 percent of global cleantech VC investment goes to cleantech entrepreneurs and startups in Asia. Steve Leonard was quoted in the article where he shared his view that for deep tech solutions like AI, robotics and blockchain, more investment is needed from the VC community.

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  • Steve Leonard, founding CEO of SGInnovate on the forthcoming EmTech Hong Kong 2018 event

    Social Media Portal published an article based on an email interview with Steve, on what people can expect at EmTech Hong Kong 2018. In the article, Steve introduces himself and what he does at SGInnovate briefly. He also shared the common challenges he had encountered at SGInnovate so far, along with what he thinks will happen in the future given the rapid advancements in AI, blockchain and robotics.

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  • Exclusive: Singapore's Affable raises seed funding round led by Snap Inc. investor Decacorn Capital

    e27 reported that Singapore-based influencer marketing platform Affable announced that it has raised S$1 million in seed funding round led by Decacorn Capital. The funding round also includes the participation of SGInnovate through its Startup SG Equity scheme, making Affable the first startup to get funded under the scheme, which aims to “stimulate and accelerate” private investments into local startups with intellectual property and global market potential. Affable uses AI to identify authentic micro-influencers, allowing brands and marketing agencies to engage with relevant influencers and analyse their marketing campaigns.

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  • SGInnovate backs Irish startup AID:Tech that delivers international aid using blockchain

    e27 reported that AID:Tech, an Irish startup which delivers international aid using blockchain technology, has raised an undisclosed sum in investment from Enterprise Ireland and SGInnovate. AID:Tech’s online platform enables entitlements like aid, welfare, remittances, donations and healthcare to be digitised and delivered through blockchain technology in a transparent manner. Its work in getting humanitarian aid to those in need aligns with SGInnovate’s mission in solving globally relevant problems. The investment will help AID:Tech in hiring, scaling and delivering on projects with its global clients such as governments, enterprises, NGOs and charities.

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  • Iswaran visits Paris to deepen France-Singapore innovation and technology links

    The Business Times reported that Minister-in-Charge of Trade Relations, S Iswaran, will be visiting Paris this week as part of the France-Singapore Year of Innovation 2018, which aims to ramp up innovation and research linkages between the two countries. The minister will be meeting French government officials to reaffirm Singapore’s commitment to working closely with the European Union towards the smooth and swift ratification of the European Union-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (EUSFTA). He will also be delivering a keynote at a conference called “Collaboration for Innovation”, held in conjunction with VivaTech in Paris, on Singapore’s role as an AI and deep tech hub in Asia. The conference is organised by SGInnovate, Enterprise Singapore and Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE).

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  • How Artificial Intelligence can improve your health?

    GovTech published an article on SGInnovate’s Health Futures: AI & Genomics seminar, where a panel of experts discussed how AI is working alongside doctors and researchers to uncover the secrets of the human genome. Thousands of genomes have already been sequenced, representing a treasure trove of data – one that leaves clinicians overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information it holds. The promise of AI is to help doctors mine the medical literature and pick out actionable insights more quickly and easily.

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