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Programming Her Way to A New Career

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Through the PowerX Robotics programme, Perlin hopes to leverage her prior skills in software engineering and UI/UX design to help create mini robots that would help humans in their daily activities one day.


An accountant by training, Perlin Chu discovered an unexpected love for programming which led her to change path to become one of the few female Robotics developers in the industry today.

While she was working as an accountant, Perlin realised that most processes could be improved and made efficient with technology and programming. Hence, she enrolled herself into a programming course at Singapore Polytechnic as a side hobby. Little did she know that her programming interest would grow into a full-fledged pursuit towards a full-stack development course and saw her dabbling in frontend development of websites and mobile apps.

Through programming, Perlin was drawn into the world of Robotics, where she envisioned building mini functional robots that could help humanity one day. When she chanced upon SGInnovate’s PowerX Robotics programme advertisements through social media, she immediately applied for it as it offers structured training and traineeship opportunities with Deep Tech startups, where she hoped to further hone her skills set. 

“I have always wanted to use my prior skills in software engineering and UI/UX design to help create robots that would solve problems and impact lives. This is what I hope to achieve through the PowerX Robotics traineeship programme,” shared Perlin.

Perlin had attended classes at Ngee Ann Polytechnic since November 2020 and was assigned to SGInnovate’s portfolio company, Movel AI, for her full-time, on-the-job training. This gave her the opportunity to work on the company’s robotics solutions and develop user interfaces for robotic software systems. 

As one of the few female Robotics developers, Perlin hopes that her experience can inspire others, who are interested in the field of science and technology, to make a switch in their careers.


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她没想到自己对编程的兴趣越来越浓厚,之后还参加更先进的全栈(Full Stack,即多种技能)开发课程,以进一步提升编程能力。她一有空也会专研网络应用程序的前端开发工作,并且创建一些手机应用。




透过全职见习计划,丘泳真自去年11月起在义安理工学院上课,如今在科技公司Movel AI接受在职培训,有机会参与公司的机器人技术方案以及为机器人软件系统开发用户界面。


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