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The Deep Tech Void

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

To hire tech talent more easily, Singapore recently unveiled a two-year programme called Tech@SG, which will facilitate the employment pass applications of “core team members” in tech companies, particularly those in the digital, MedTech, BioTech, CleanTech, AgriTech and FinTech sectors. There are also programmes that cultivate local talent in Deep Tech, such as TechSkills Accelerator and the Capability Transfer Programme. Aside from government support, local universities have been ramping up deep tech programmes such as AI and blockchain courses. Upper primary students will also be required to take coding classes from next year onwards. From opening its doors to high-skilled foreign talent, local talent can work alongside top global engineers and entrepreneurs and enable them to be upskilled.

MNCs also have a role to play in nurturing the deep tech talent in Singapore. According to Chen Gengbo, Principal Data Scientist for BioTech startup Biofourmis, there were only a handful of professors that he could turn to when he was studying computational biology at NUS. He added that what talents need is exposure to the industry and real-life data sets and that the industry and universities need to work closely together so that students can enter the sector when they graduate.

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